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Private Laparoscopy ?? What are your thoughts ? Also how long do you wait for the private one ?

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Hi everyone .

I’m so fed up both with the nhs (waiting time)and with everything.

I decided to go private ! I’m in so much pain I just can’t take it anymore . This discomfort is unbearable!

Has anyone decided to have a private surgery ?? I don’t have heavy bleeding , - can I still have endometriosis?

I’m going to have to investigate it and the only way is to have the surgery !

I have never had a surgery! I definitely have an inflammation...

what if there is nothing on the MRI scan ?! Can I still have endometriosis??

Thank you for all your support

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Hey, I was going to have a private lap but didn’t because it would of cost £3009 plus if I needed other specialists such as bowel or bladder, the price would have increased massively.

I decided to wait on nhs and then complained to PALS, they got me a lap in a month unless it’s cancelled. I have been waiting 7 months now.

I don’t have heavy bleeding every period, mine only last 4 days most months but the pain is awful and I have painful sex as well. I have light flow but lots of clots (sorry tmi)

Ultrasound and MRI can miss endometriosis, that’s why surgery is the only official way. Endometriosis affects everyone different, some have no symptoms and others have all the signs.

If you can afford private, I would recommend it though. Just wish I could haha xxx

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Sofi1990 in reply to princessk09

7 months ??? What !!!!!!!! Look it worth it to have it done privately! You can pay it back by instalments !!

Imagine if the endometriosis spreads if your body because of the ‘ 7 ‘ months

I feel so sorry for us !!! Look please your health is the priority.

Even in the A and E the nurse said to the doctor that I have colitis and I said I don’t !!! They don’t care !!

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Sofi1990 in reply to princessk09

Dear Princess ! - my period last for 2-3 days very light !! But I have so much pain so so much unbearable I take 8 naproxen that morning when I have it the first day !

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princessk09 in reply to Sofi1990

I saw an Endo specialist at spire and honestly he was amazing and the best gynae I saw. It cost £214 for the consultation and if I could afford private, I would pay it.

He was kind enough to refer me to his friend on the nhs who is an endo specialist but the wait is ridiculous. I’ve been battling with gps and saw 7 gynaes in the past year.

I have cramps even after the bleeding has stopped or I have stop/start periods. They are very messed up but are regular. The pain is the worse and painkillers don’t even touch it for me. Xx

I had a long list of minimum 30/35 weeks. But my symptoms became more severe and I saw my GP who wrote to my endo specialist. The letter was issued to admissions and the next day I was offered a date with 2 and a half weeks!!

Definitely recommend others to go down that route. Every women will have different symptoms with endo.

I agree with princess09 The only way to diagnose endometriosis is via lap as endo can be missed on ultrasound or MRI.

All the best Xoxo

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30-35 weeks?

That’s what I mean it could become severe ! We just have to fight !

Look I decided to do it privately and will get a loan or credit card or whatever . At the end of the day I get more support in this website then from the specialists!! Haha

It’s ridiculous how much an ultrasound cost in the U.K. for example ...

But is your life !

I found it really bizarre how money oriented everyone

Luckily my other half has health insurance which covered me, I went to NHS doctor for 2 years without a referral to a gynaecologist. I got so much pain I went to see a private consultant on Thursday morning, Saturday morning I had my lap and had a large cyst drained and endo excised. The service really is so much better. You can’t put a price on your health either x

I waited for 2 years to get myself sorted under the NHS having done two lap before, TWO BLOODY YEARS OF SUFFERING is ridiculous! I was going insane honestly why doe the NHS DOESNT consider endometriosis as an urgent care condition. I have recovered from my lap already had it done at the end of Feb this year, the endo had spread everywhere they removed endo from my left kidney! It is a joke! It wouldn’t have been like that if I was treated earlier specially when they knew it was endometriosis and the MRI did show severe infiltration of endo 😞the waiting list to be seen by the specialist is ridiculous let alone the time frame for the operation. If I had the money and wouldn’t have lost my job because of endo I would have gone private (affordability) is the reason to stop many from going private! I don’t know why we pay so much taxes and in the end you are treated unfairly (anyway my opinion) this is jus so frustrating for many many women! Something has to be done!!!

Amazing ! They do it within a week .

And if you want Nhs you have to wait months!!

Look is not really about the quality.. I’m sure they all operate the same way it’s all ABOUT THE WAITING TIME - and I wish I could change it it is disgusting- eventually they MAKE YOU SEE. A private as you just can’t wait for the nhs !!!!!

Is not my hand broken is my stomach ! We all need immediate treatment!!

This is how I think !

At the end of the day it’s all about you ,- your life !

I rather borrow money ! Look I’m from a different eu country I studied to be. A teacher here and was struggling to finish my course because of the pain.

I had To go home because doctors are cheaper even a hairdresser could afford it !! - but I just can’t fly every week..

So yesterday I walked into a private hospital and yes for my money !- but I was the priority !!

Absolutely right !!!!

Hello. I had my lap privately through Bupa in 2 weeks since the first appointment with the Consultant. If you had Bupa or can afford it I would strongly recommend it. Xx

I went privately using my work health insurance.

I had a consultation with my private specialist booked just a week after referral from my gp - can be booked yourself and then let your gp know you want to be referred to xx, they then send your notes through

A laparoscopy was considered after the first consultation, as MRI is not conclusive, the only formal diagnosis is laparoscopy. Also he wanted to see whether there were any other issues so added stuff to that op. My op was booked for three weeks later (could have been sooner but I had a work course), specialist was performing the op so did a diagnostic lap plus removal of endo (if any found) biopsies of anything else and a hysteroscopy, he said may as well do all the investigations and sort stuff out in one :)

I loved my private treatment; the speed of it, being able to choose your appointments, no waiting around, knowing you can email their secretary and be answered, knowing any aftercare is already thought of. Of course it's what you pay for. I liked being treated as an individual not a statistic or a result; he took the time to talk about what I wanted out of the operations and what path I wanted to take regarding treatment. It did all cost of course, happy to discuss that if you'd like, just message me :)

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Sofi1990 in reply to luthien


Nhs told me my endo was ‘in my head and there was nothing wrong with me’ so I went private, i have had all my laps all through private hospitals.

Normally It is a 1 week wait or less x

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