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Lap & Hyst done...


Hi guys. I finally got my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done last Monday. It's been a tough week. I want to thank all you who gave me advice pre-operative, I was so much more prepared, the peppermint capsules worked a dream with the gas although it was still very uncomfortable a lot of the time. The last week I have tried to rest as much as possible, having lots of visitors helped and I haven't done any lifting or exercise. BUT sadly as soon as I got my first post-op period, my temp went up and now I've been ill for two days and waiting for my surgery to open so I can call for advice. If anyone on here has suffered the same symptoms, let me know, maybe it's normal to suffer this much during the first period. Also, my symptoms from before the operation have come back which has brought on all my anxieties about the op not working and me being in this pain forever and never feeling truly happy and relaxed again. I'm really hoping it's all just a bad first period and I know ladies, I know I'm being impatient, it's only a week and two days since my surgery but I'm having a melt down, I'm crying a lot and I honestly don't want to feel this anymore. All advice welcome! Hoping all of you are getting somewhere slowly with your situations and keeping fingers crossed for all of your happy endings 🤞 xxxxx

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