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Lap date confirmed! Kinda nervous

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It’s officially been confirmed but I have no idea if my surgeon is an endo specialist.

Has anyone been seen by Mr Macfoy at Royal Oldham? If you have, please private message me

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I have had my endo found by a fertility specialist ( first lap and it was mild) and my second lap a general gynaecologist also found and removed what she could. And my endo wasn’t that obvious; it was in POD and is all over my rectum which I hope the endo specialist can remove but that’s if it’s not too deep... Generally you only get referred to an endo centre if it’s either severe or it’s on another organ such as bowel or suspected severe/complex endo; that’s what my endo nurse said.

Honestly you will be fine , if it was that bad I wouldn’t be doing it for the third time! I was terrified the first time I went under but wondered what I was worrying about 😂

It is so worth it to get your answers and you have fought so hard to get this far and such had a terrible time with the medics☹️ Remember every time you feel like this remind yourself how much you’ve wanted this lap.

Worst case scenario at least you can rule endo out and start looking at other investigations to find the cause ; these symptoms & pain are not in your head; don’t think for one moment it is ; I felt like that before both my laps; the first one the fertility specialist thought endo was unlikely thought it was bowels instead and the second laparoscopy I was told it was unlikely that the endo had regrown that quickly; it had. The medics really got in my head and made me feel like I was paranoid.. Personally I wish I didn’t have endo but I understand you need answers for the pain & suffering and I hope you get answers soon. 👍And to prove people there is something wrong I felt like that both times...😏

Some of your symptoms are the exactly the same as mine and it does sound very much like endo to me; you get like me get both bowel and gynae issues. And when my endo is at its worse no painkillers work.

You CAN do this lap buddy ❤️xoxo

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Thank you so much ❤️ I probably sound so dramatic haha but like once it’s over, I’ll be like why was I scared 😂

Yeah like I definitely need answers and I’m worried nothing will be found. People already think I’m lying and it’s in my head. Xx

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Tinkerbell971 is right the worst part is having a cannula; I hate needles that’s because my veins tend to hide..

I know you will worry about the general because I did my first surgery but it’s honestly it’s nothing to worry over ; I quite like going under nice sleep 😂

And general gynaecologists are capable of diagnosing endometriosis. They should check bowels too , especially with the bowel symptoms you have which are so similar to mine.

I worried that too on both laps nothing would be found because so many medics had dismissed my pain & symptoms this lap I know for sure it is all over my rectum but instead I’m worried how deep it might be as my fertility specialist wanted it to be done by an endo & colorectal specialist together but the endo specialist is operating alone really hope it’s just superficial & he can remove it all 😳always something to worry about...🤦🏽‍♀️

Please don’t let people feel it’s in your head; you cannot physically make these symptoms happen; pain is an indication of something not being okay. And why would it start and stop and be worse at certain times of the month? Logically that wouldn’t make sense 👍

The theatre staff are so friendly and jolly and they will put you at ease 😘

Make sure you bring some lozenges as your throat may feel sore afterwards. Depends how long you are under for if it’s not long you’ll be fine; I was first lap as it was very mild endo but second lap as there was more there and I was under much longer my throat was a bit sore.

The hospital gowns aren’t the best so bring a dressing gown to walk into theatre you can’t wear undies for the lap ☹️ the things us ladies do 😂

Comfy trousers are worth bringing as you will feel a bit bloated due to the gas they inflate you with. Some ladies swear by peppermint tea 😊I wasn’t too bloated so I was fine 👍

If it’s just a diagnostic lap they will just make 2 incisions if they find endo and treat it they make 3 incisions ( the general gynaecologist told me that so when I was in recovery the first thing I did was count my incisions 😂😂😂)

You will need someone with you for 24 hours afterwards this is because of the anaesthetic.

You will be fine and well looked after ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

Don’t be worried. I’m a student nurse and I’ve had a Placement in theatres and I know exactly what happens throughout. You honestly have nothing to worry about they respect you while your asleep and still provide you your dignity etc. Obviously your going to be worried for your first ever surgery but try not to stress it will be fine. I was diagnosed by a general gynae not an endo specialist x

Thank you, the surgery part doesn’t really bother me, it’s the being put to sleep and not being in control that freaks me out xx

The only bad thing is getting the cannula put into your hand, you can get a cold spray so you don’t feel the needle. When they actually put the medicine in your asleep within seconds and you won’t remember a thing. I’ve had 3 operations all for different things and each time when I have woken up in recovery I’ve sobbed my heart out which is due to the anaesthetic. Everyone’s different in recovery but once you get into the ward you’ll be fine. They’ll give you food and drink and then make you get up for a wee and then you’ll hopefully be able to go home the same night. Don’t be worried x

Yeah I’m going to buy a few night dresses for around the house and bed. I’ll feel so old 😂

Because I play golf, I’m not sure how long I’ll be out for but hopefully I can do some of the less strenuous parts. Might just have to purchase a grabber to pick the golf balls up though 😂

I’m due my period a week before so I’ll be able to sort of monitor it and see how it is etc. Xx

That’s what I did, I lived in nighties and big high waisted granny nickers 😂 id say definately take two weeks off but be careful after those two weeks because you don’t want to over do it because it can delay recovery. I thought the shoulder pain was worse from the gas rather than the stomach pain, get a load of heat pads and hot water bottles and just live with them on your shoulder and walk around as much as you can xx

Hi, sorry slightly off topic but just wondeered how you’ve been formally diagnosed without the lap? My doctor suspects I have it, won’t do the lap and so can’t confirm either way x

The only official way to diagnose is a lap as scans can come back clear like mine did since endo can be missed via ultrasound.

My doctors and gynae suspect it so that’s why I’m going for a lap since hormone treatment didn’t work xx

Ah ok, that’s interesting to know. I have had an ultrasound and mri so far (both clear) and now trying hormone treatment to see if that works....

Yeah surgery tends to be last resort, that’s what my doctor said. I tried like 4 different hormones treatments including temporary menopause but it was the worse experience ever for me haha.

Oh crickey you have been through it! We’re hoping to have children soon so I’m hoping I won’t have to go through all of that!!

Aw hopefully you won’t have to xx

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