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Cerelle seems to have stopped working, anyone else?


So I’ve been on cerazette/cerelle for nearly 8 years now. After the inital 6 months of bleeding on and off I settled into 3/4 very light bleeds a year lasting a couple of days.

One of these happened at the end of May and then 1.5 later I started bleeding again and now on Day 8 of what seems like a normal period along with all the pain and tummy problems with it.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Can Cerelle suddenly stop working as an effective treatment?



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I was put on that pill and it had the opposite effect on me that it's meant to have I was constantly having really long periods and was barely off one before I started another although the pill I'm currently on and have been for a year now is working thing. Would mention to gp since the fact the pattern has changed, although it could just be a one off or if you don't take it at the same time every day it becomes less effective??


I've had exactly the same experience with Cerazette/Cerelle - got put on it 8 years ago for painful periods, had a couple of light but painful bleeds a year, and then in the last year I've developed horrible period pains and bleeding lasting up to 2-3 weeks a month.

After a load of tests and ultrasounds and finally a laparoscopy last week, I was told while coming round from the anaesthetic that they found mild endo (don't have any more info than that sadly). My follow up consultation is next week, so hopefully I'll have a plan of action after that, I'm definitely going to ask about whether Cerazette just stops being effective after a certain amount of time. I'll report back, good luck and I hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks that would be good to know as I am currently not under a consultant and my new GP doesn’t know much about Endo.

Given the bloating, leg pain and poker pain I think it might be making a come back. Hope appointment goes well next week and that your recovering well xx


I had a bad experience with cerazette. Basically bled continually. It was exhausting. Stopped it and the bleeding stopped straight away. I have taken a normal period this month and started a combined pill. I've to take that for 3 months back to back at a time with a 1 week break. Fingers crossed it all works ok xx


Fingers crossed that works for you - I use to do that (and worked really well) but due to aura migraines I got taken off for the combined pill. Took about 6 months for cerazette to settle down for me but was worth it given I got a good 7 years out of it. Think my luck has changed though as still bleeding x

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