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Tried cerelle made me feel depressed...what to do next

Hi I am 20 years old and i haven't had a op as specialist say i should try the tablets etc as the op is risky. I have had appointments after appointments, living on pain killers and trying different contraceptive pills etc for about 4 years now. I have had many ultrasounds and swabs but they don't seem to show anything. I tried cerelle to help with the pain and apparently it may have put endo to sleep, stopping it from spreading..? but i had to come off cerelle because i couldn't cope with not feeling myself and feeling low when i am genuinely a very happy person.

I get confused with what symptoms are apart of endo if that's what i have. I feel I have more symptoms as time goes on like sometimes very painful when urinating and right shoulder pain sometimes and hurts when breathing sometimes too and hormonal... and that is just extra compared to the cramps and spasms and shooting pains in legs, back, womb, bowel etc.....

Any suggestions of what to do next and what does it mean that I am getting more strange symptoms?


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Im not sure what advice I can give but wanted to tell you that after years of many treatments. I have come to realize i do very poorly on anything with estrogen. Something to keep in mind if u find yourself down on birthcontrol. I was on it for years and never felt myself until i stopped them. Look into the mirena. It acts locally on cervix so doesnt go through your body.. ... good luck. Sorry not much help..


Oh okay, thanks. Yeah I find any birth control pills I try make me feel ill, but I don't know if that is what happens at the beginning and then your body will get used to it. But cerelle was very difficult to be on. Is the mirena the coil..? what does the mirena actually do, how would it help with endo spreading and symptoms?

Thanks for your help :) x


Hi Rebecca

I too had to come off cerelle as the depression was terrible. I reluctantly went back to the mirena coil, I'm on my 3rd. The dose is like taking 2 mini pills per week so the depression symptoms are not anything like on the pill for me. I have to say it's not doing much for the pain but my periods have reduced dramatically and are easier to cope with. Some women's periods stop completely (I wonder if this is because they have had children). I would keep on at the docs if I were you, my swabs/ultrasounds have been clear also and I have refused hormone treatment although I agreed to try the coil again in exchange for if I don't have an improvement within 6 months they will give me another lap.

I often feel alone, isolated, depressed, guilty on top of the symptoms but just look forward to the occasional brief days I feel ok and counting down the days to hopefully getting another lap.

Keep you chin up & keep pushing for a lap.

Take care x


Hi, thanks for your reply. At the moment I am just trying to cover up the pain with strong pain killers but then there is nothing stopping the endo from spreading... which I guess why my symptoms have increased. How is the coil? does it make your hormones all over the place, I want something to help endo from spreading and lessen my symptoms but I don't want to feel hormonal and not feel myself? I think if I really wanted to op they would allow me to, but i'm not sure what to do, what if it isnt endo and the op creates more problems...one specialist strongly advised me not to do the op and try pills to calm down the endo and prevent it from getting worse....

Yes it is difficult because people don't understand, and it's not just the physical pain, its the emotional and hormonal stress and other strange symptoms..but we have to stay strong and not give up. We are all here to support each other:)

Thanks a lot, I hope everything works out for you and you get the best treatment and support you need.xx


Thank you. I know exactly how you feel re hormones and not feeling yourself. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression before my lap and started taking anti depressants that was back 2009/10 and I had my lap in 2011. I was on my 2nd coil at that point and to be honest it did not interfere with my hormones or moods too much. I did get pmt but it was manageable. Once my symptoms kicked in half way through having the 2nd coil I felt that my pmt got worse probably cause I was feeling so bad. The coil really reduced my monthly bleeds significantly so that I was only using panty liners and they only lasted 3 days. I was initially put on the coil for my heavy bleeding. Some women's periods totally stop with the coil mines have never stopped unfortunately.

I'm starting counselling sessions to help with the emotional side of things and I hope this helps. I try to stay strong and most days I can and feel like I can take on the world but when I'm having a bad time it really affects me and sometimes feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I live for good days.

My advice would be to find something to stop your periods and see if that helps with your symptoms. Go to your local family planning clinic. I have found their service to be invaluable. They are so kind and understanding and have so much more time than GP's or consultants. I have spent probably about 4 hours with them in the last 3 months.

Btw the specialists will always try to convince you to go down the medical route as it's probably the least expensive and gets rid of you for 6 months plus. The last thing I want is to have another lap but feel like its the only way to get to the bottom of things and hopefully improve my life. The best thing to do is have a lap, have the endo removed and then use something that will reduce/get rid of your -periods until you are ready to have children.



Thanks for your reply again. Really, how are you feeling now i.e anxiety etc. I am more hormonal when I am on the contraceptive pill etc. pmt? Why would your symptoms kick in half way through? So the lighter and shorter time your periods are or having no period at all, the better the symptoms? and it stops endo from spreading because you aren't having or are having lighter periods?

Sorry to hear you are struggling emotionally. It is very difficult but I think it would be good to get things off you chest and offload. I think this site also helps because there are other people who are going through the same thing as you but everyone copes with it differently and there may be worse case than others, but there is still that relation and support. The local family planning clinic sounds like a big help to you, that's great. I'm not currently planning a family so I don't think i would need to attend this clinic yet, but thanks.

I have a friend who is very understanding which helps, but I try not to put too much on her as she as her own stuff to deal with. But I have been christian for a few years, which helps as I have prayer etc. It keeps me going :) I know this sounds crazy, but a lady at my church had prayer and got completely healed from endo, which is amazing, so I keep praying and trusting God for my healing, but doing things in the natural in the mean time. I will pray for you also if that's ok? just a thought to help you with your situation. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things don't they.

So you think I should do anything to stop my periods to help with my symptoms or endo getting worse? my main concern is the endo getting worse or spreading etc as my symptoms are increases. I have a lot of pain killers to help with the pain.

Yes I thought at first the reason why they put me off doing the op was for expense reasons, but one specialist scared me off as she had some bad experiences of cases of people having the op and creating worse problems and even life risking problems etc but i guess there is that risk with every op...:s but so many people on here have done the op many times and have been fine...

Yeah I feel like I want to do the op to see what is actually going on and if i have endo and also to get rid of some and then have something to stop my periods etc to help prevent the endo from coming back/spreading and with the symptoms...but I am scared to do the op as the specialist strongly advised me not too...

Sorry for the long convo and if i was insensitive by asking personal questions, i am just trying to understand. I have another specialist appointment this month so i need a plan of what to do next..do you think its worth trying to coil to hope it will help endo from spreading and help with symptoms but if it doesnt work do the op or do the op then have the coil.

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it and I am always here for support :)x


Hi Rebecca

I've tried several pills and they have had a horrible effect on me so the coil is the best solution for me. I have suffered from depression on and off for many years and feel like the pills were not good for my mental well being I felt that they made me depressed. I do still have tiny anxiety attacks and really down days on the coil but I don't feel it's the coil making me feel like that.

Just to let you know you don't have to be planning a family to attend the family planning clinic. They also fit coils and help with contraception to ladies going through the menopause. They have changed their name recently to the sexual health and wellbeing clinic prob as people do have a misconception as to what they are actually there for. Really they are there to help prevent you from starting a family until you are ready and it doesn't matter to them if you are looking for contraception for endo purposes.

Reading stories on here and researching I would say that its best to treat the endo and then do something to limit/stop periods. Perhaps the consultant thinks that if you reduce/stop your bleeding the it may reduce your symptoms. It maybe worth a try.

Faith can be a wonderful thing and if you receive comfort from prayer that's great. I appreciate you praying for me, I will take all the help I can get :)

I hope your appointment goes well next month. Do as much research and try to get all the info you can before hand. It really is a minefield and what works for some doesn't work for others.

Please keep in touch I would love to hear how you get on x



Check out the post "I don't get it". You may find it interesting x


Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks :) How can they treat it though, only laser if it isn't too much or pills to stop it spreading? I have arranged to have my 1st op, but i'm still not entirely sure, i'm a bit worried about it. I hope you are doing okay? Thanks, I will check it out xx


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