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So it's been a couple of years now I've spent with crippling pain, worsening as time has gone on. Handfuls of doctors all giving their own opinions, medical and personal. MRI scan, blood tests, pain relief, time off work and tears. Lots of tears and frustration.

I had my laparoscopy in March. Adhesions on my bowel, large cyst on my ovary. It's now June, the pain in returning and it's ruining my life.

It shocks me how little people know about this condition. How long it takes to be confirmed as endometriosis. Even after all this time, it's still not been confirmed for me.

I've been threatened to be sacked from work, but they say they're supporting me.

I put on nearly three stone through the sheer pain. I've lost nearly that three stone by changing my diet and exercise. Nothing it good enough.

It feels like I'm drowning.

All I want is to sleep. I'm fed up. I'm sorry to sound like a negative nelly. All I want is to live my life. I've had enough.

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Hi Staphie.

I’m so sorry you feel so fed up and I fully sympathise with the way that you’re feeling.

When do you next see your consultant? Did they say what the adhesions were after your lap in March?


Staphie in reply to D-LD

I saw my consultant today, which I guess is why I'm feeling so down about it all!

She said it could have been endometriosis, but she can't confirm?! That's why I'm confused. I'm still in a lot of pain and she said there is scar tissue on the right hand side of my uterus, but they were more concerned with the cyst and adhesions so they removed that. To remove the remaining scar tissue, they need a more complex surgery. I'm having 3 months of injections which will give menopause like symptoms. But if that doesn't help they'll do the second surgery x

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