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Hi ladies , really appreciate you taking the time to read this. I am in fife and have been suffering with severe pain for last 16 weeks or so. Looking back I've actually been suffering with same pain on and off for a number of years now. I've finally got a gyne app on Friday and they are saying that I need to request a laparoscopy. My question is I've been waiting so long for the consultation will the wait for laparoscopy be as long ? I'm seriously considering asking how much private will be as I'm currently not able to be at work due to pain. It's affected my whole life. Nothing is normal anymore and is really bringing me down. Has anyone experienced the wait times in fife yet? And dies anyone know how much it would cost to go private?

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  • Hey Cherrypie77 I don't know anything about fife I'm afraid but I just wanted to say lots of luck whether you decide to go private or NHS, I'm also an endo sufferer and know how grim it is 🙁Hugs xx

  • Thank you I think it's the waiting and not knowing what it truely is is so hard. 4 years ago they couldn't see what it was other than extreme pain and blood test being all over the place so this time I want to know why this is so painful and what is it .

  • No idea about fife sorry. I had a private lap 5/6 years ago and it cost around £3.5k if that helps. Good luck.

  • Goodness thank you I didn't realise it was so pricey, guess I'm gonna have to just sit it out and wait .

  • Hiya, i'm just outside Glasgow and the waiting period from gynae referral to lap for me was noted as 12 weeks. I had my appointment in Feb, had pre-op today and should get my lap in 2-3weeks. Not sure if it will be similar for you but hope this helps x

  • Hi, if you're in Fife are you being referred to the BSGE centre in Edinburgh? I am in Edinburgh and have been referred for a laparoscopy by the fertility clinic (but have been told surgery will be performed by endometriosis specialist from BSGE centre). The waiting list for surgery is up to 12 weeks, but from putting me on the list, they actually gave me a date for surgery in 8 weeks. Hope this helps and you don't have to wait long.

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