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Hi all. Just wanted to see what u guys have experienced in terms of symptoms. I have had painful/tenderness during and after sex aswell as pains in my pelvis and ovary area which comes anytime within the month but can be worse during my period. I experienced a painful event a few months ago during sex where i felt something go ping and i had excruciating pains on right side of pelvis and the whole area went hard, after taking ibuprofen & hot water bottle within an hour it subsided not sure what it was. I have bleeding and brown discharge a week earlier than my period starts aswell.

Im new to this forum thing so i apologise lol

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I get pain during and after sex, stomach pains (like sharp stabbings near my ovary area), bloating, and fatigue. Have you been to your GP yet? It helps to keep a symptom diary xx

Hi Danmcg,

Welcome to the forum!

I don't know if you are aware but Endometriosis UK have some useful information on symptoms and getting diagnosed. You can find them here:



There is also a pain and symptoms diary which you can fill in and take to your doctor:


Hope this helps!


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Hey, sorry to just randomly reply but I noticed you said you have a constant dull ache in your stomach.

I have this everyday and feels like an elephant is sat on me (sorry only way I can describe it) my ultrasound last June came back clear and my doctors always dismiss cysts even though I get sharp pains randomly.

I’m still waiting for a lap which could be any time up until Christmas 😫

hi all,

thank you for you responses. i did see the gp and got referred to gynae they originally concentrated on my bleeding before period but all swabs and scan come back normal, so i was due a follow up and they were going to discharge me if the bleeding didnt extend more into my period but with the event i had and the pain in my pelvis and ovary area coming very spontaneously throughout the month and on a daily basis, i paid private to see my gynae consultant earlier and she referred me for a laparoscopy which is being done at the end of the month. my periods vary with heaviness and the pain isnt quite crippling but sometimes enough for me to want to curl up in bed or stop me from doing activities. To one extent you hope they find something so you know what it is and its hard when you want to be intimate with your husband but the fear of the pain sometimes makes me very hesitant, luckily ive got a very understanding husband.

sorry for rambling :)

im 29 and my periods have always varied from beinf frequent to non existent, i was lucky enough to have children but it took a while to conceive them. at the age of 22yrs old i had a scan which showed i had polysistic ovary syndrome but the recent scan showed nothing apparently

I’ve had the dull ache for at least 9 months and my ultrasound was a year ago.

I’ve been waiting for 3 months for a lap and could be waiting till Christmas 😫

Yeah it’s a 30 week waiting list and my doctor sent my gynae a reminder as well.

The waiting list for an ultrasound is like 3-4 months

I’m not looking forward to surgery as it’s my first one but knowing that waiting could be causing more damage, freaks the hell out of me.

My doctors keep giving me painkillers but I don’t want to become dependant on them and they don’t touch the pain during my period. He said today that the dull ache is most likely my uterus and ovaries and didn’t say much else

I’ve tried the mini pill and combined pill and they didn’t help. I don’t want the coil as I’ve heard bad things about it

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