undiagnosed but all symptoms there couple Qs need answering pls if anyone can help

i have been diagnosed with ibs but i dont think its that or its more than that .. symptoms include pain in either or both sides during ovulation times, stabbing pains in back in kidney area, painful periods not heavy tho, swelling of stomach last 10 days of monthly cycle, lethargic. does this sound like endo ive also struggled with weight dieting works to a point then i stick cant shift anymore sex is also uncomfortable but only at certain times of the month so for about 7-9 days after period im fine once i get into ovulating time and up until period im in pain on an off between stabbing and crampy pains

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  • I was also diagnosed with IBS but turns out I had stage 4 endo and cysts. The way I was diagnosed in the end was because of other problems led to them noticing strangeness in my bladder... prob best not to wait for that ;-)

    It's very easy to believe the pain isn't real or it's not that bad. I think IBS can end up being used to describe pain anywhere from the chest down that can't be explained, and once the 'IBS' label is attached, it's hard to shift it, to explore further.

    It sounds like what you're describing could be endometriosis, and it could be checked out using easy scans, just to see if there's anything going on there... I reckon you should push to get it checked out... but maybe some others on this site will be able to advise you better how to go about pushing for it...

  • I too have a strangeness in bladder, what sort of strangeness do you mean. I have possible endo symptoms too and have been put on Zoladex to see if it works.

  • Hi hi,

    I'm sorry you have strangeness and possible endo. I know it's so frustrating not having a firm diagnosis!

    I wrote a reply, but it came out long, and didn't seem relevant to this current thread... maybe it's better I try send you a msg, rather than taking space on this board... ;-)


  • Hi

    This sounds a lot like endo and/or other gynaecological problems. I think every woman had this IBS label before being diagnosed with endo, including me!

    Your pain changes depending on you period circle and this is a big factor that its probably not IBS. My endo pain was more or less like yours, much better after period and from ovulation and after really bad. My periods are painful but not heavy too.

    Unfortunately scans (ultrasound,MRT, CT) can only show cysts but not the actual endo. Hence, the only way to diagnose is by laparoscopy. Push your doctor for referral to an endo gynae and take it from there. It is your right to get a referral, and it will be wise of you to research a good endo gynae in your area before, so you can ask for specific name on your referral. A general gynae might not know anything about endo etc so its crucial that you will be referred to the right doctor.

    Dont leave it since you are suffering and act fast enough to get some answers and proper treatment.

    Jo x

  • I agree, sound typical endo to me too.

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with IBS and suffered for 5 years before they discovered it was endometriosis all around my ovaries, womb and bowels and they only discovered it because I miscarried. Push your doc to get a referral, don't leave it too long. Since having surgery, I havent had a single 'IBS attack' - its so worth fighting for that diagnosis.

    Good luck, keep going, there's light at the end of the tunnel x

  • I am 42 years and I was told I had IBS when I was a teenager. When I look back I have always had bother in my pelvic area and it got more noticable in my early 30's. My own GP kept giving me different IBS tablets to try, this went on for 3yrs until I had a laparoscopy which found endo. Hope you get sorted soon. Keep at your doc, push for a diagnosis. Hope all goes well for you.

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