21 and wondering if all along I've had endometriosis

I have had period problems since my very first period at 11. They have always been agony and very heavy,but over the last year they seem to have gotten much worse.

I always have cramping and an upset stomach a few days before my period starts, and when it does start its very heavy, blood clots and so painful I throw up and sometimes faint. I also have cramping after sex sometimes and have had bleeding.

A question I really wanted to know, I had an ultrasound and everything was fine except fluid in the pelvis. This has never been elaborated on, so I have no idea what it could mean? Anyone have any ideas and does it sound like endometriosis could be the problem?

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  • Hey sorry to hear you've had so much trouble. I had a similar experience, been under a general gynae since 2011, also 21 with the bad periods, clotting etc. Had a terrible cycle last month and got in contact with gynaes secretary and after alot of tears and begging, have been scheduled for a laparoscopy to diagnose endo to then come on here and see that it's best done at a Bgse centre.

    I'd recommend listing all your symptoms to gp/ gynae and really try to push for the referral. They can be really reluctant as we're young especially if your not planning for a baby as yet

    The ultrasound doesn't show endo, mine just showed cysts on the ovaries.

    Have you discussed it with them before? x

  • Thanks for your reply! I haven't spoken to the doctor about my concerns relating to endometriosis, but I have been going to them about my period pains for almost ten years, and they're useless at dealing with it. One nurse even told me it was completely normal to faint on your period and basically told me I was overreacting. I am going to push for an appointment to get it checked out asap. I do wonder what the fluid would be if endometriosis doesn't show up on ultrasounds

  • Hmm I understand why you would be concerned. My last one I made an emergency appointment with the gp my blood pressure was so low, he gave tranexamic and mefenamic acid and tramadol for the pain. I was bleeding so heavy the a&e nurse thought it was a miscarriage but I'm not even sexually active lol.

    Did you have to have a full bladder for the ultrasound?

  • Yikes that's must've been awful. I did have a full bladder yes, it was painful when he was pressing down on my pelvis too x

  • Ah I really hope you get it sorted soon it's been a really long time! Let me know what they say x

  • Thank you! I will do thanks for your help x

  • It definitely sounds like endo to me. Doctors seem to listen for certain key words with endo. Emphasize the pain you're dealing with especially related to sex. Possibly even tell them you're thinking about kids now if it will make them listen. Unfortunately it is common to take 10 years to get diagnosed. It took me 24 years!!

  • Thank you for your reply, I will be seeing the doctor this week hopefully so I'll remember to tell them everything. I hope it doesn't take such a long time :(

  • Hi, with regards to the fluid on the pelvis- this is quite common (I have it a lot) and is usually a result of a ruptured ovarian cyst. I have had numerous ultrasounds; first showing fluid, and subsequent ones showing cysts on my ovaries. When it showed fluid I had been in significant pain. I would think your pain could (at least in part) be cysts rupturing. I am also waiting for a diagnostic laparoscopy with a specialist (mine is scheduled for 23rd Feb).

    Best of luck with getting some answers

  • Thank you for your reply, that is reassuring to hear they did find one cyst on my ultrasound but said it was normal

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