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Are these symptoms matching to endo

- Period pain, (never - experienced painful periods before)

- brown discharge occasionally

- Rectum pressure especially during a period

- Lower back pain / ovary pain - comes and goes. Sometimes unbearable, sometimes niggling other times nothing.

- pain after going to the loo - number 2!

- Leg pain - thighs - comes and goes

- Stomach ache, constipation.

- had painful sex long as I can remember.

- had uti troubles since I was 16 I’m 26 now

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Yes most I can relate too 💗🤗😘


I can relate to all of those. When I first went to the doctor to about painful sex, I was told it was a positional thing & that was about 10 years before I got diagnosed. I also experience chest pain with mine.

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I’ve had painful sex since I started having sex, had a bunch of UTIs and bladder issues but sex was always painful.

Had bowel issues since I was a teen too..


Starting to think my constant UTIs as a teen and stool issues could be related to this....hmmm


Hi Kate345,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering.

You may find our symptoms diary helpful in logging all of your symptoms to take to your next appointment:


You will also find lots of information on our website on the condition: endometriosis-uk.org/inform...

Best Wishes,

M Mary, Endometriosis UK


Brown discharge is adenomyosis.

Period pain is both adeno and endo

Rectum/bowel issues are symptoms of rectovaginal endo.

Cyclical UTI issues are symptoms of endo on the bladder of urethra or an associated condition called interstitial cystitis.

Leg pain is adeno and/or a misalignement of your sciatic nerve (probably due to pain and how you hold yoursel - we all have it!)

Painful sex is defo an endo symptom, but not everyone has it (I used to, but my current partner attributes are a much better fit to my tight vagina if you know what I mean and I don’t have any problems anymore!).

You do need to be under the care of a specialized endo team, please google BSGE centres near you and ask your GP to refer you to it (altho now you are going private, not sure how it works!)

Regarding the brown discharge - I had the same Jan2017; I had 3 transvaginal scans by a normal sonographer, only at the 3rd one in May when I insisted he looked more carefully could he detect something weird in the bladder; as a result, I was referred to urology under the two week rule for suspected cancer; a flexible cystoscopy in May and a TURBT surgery in June confirmed it was endo inside the bladder . I too thought it might be cancer.

My point is, if I hadn’t insisted and called my GP every day and reminded them of the two-week referral scheme when a woman experiences certain symptoms (and leaking non period blood is a major one), I would be forgotten. You are in charge of ur health, so tbh going private is a bit of a rip off because when you insist and know your stuff, you can be dealt with under the NHS for free and still have the best surgeons (I have my lap before Xmas, no date yet, by an excision specialist and have an endo nurse I can contact at anytime).

Good luck 🎗

Remember it’s your body, your rules!


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