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Referred to BSGE Clinic

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted for a while, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo back in January this year after having a lap. I asked to be referred to a specialist clinic and have finally recieved an appointment this Thursday. What should I expect? I'm worried they'll do an internal examination??

I've been told by my general gyne that I'll need a second lap and am waiting for an appointment to have a colonoscopy. I'm guessing we'll discuss my treatment plan?

Nervous and don't know what to expect.

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When I first went to see my Consultant he talked with me about my symptoms and he listened to how long things had been happening. He asked about the tests I had already had and what other Drs had thought. He very kindly reassured me that he was concerned and wanted to help. I had a short exam. Dr could tell it was agony and was very gentle but it had to be done to give him an idea. Then he said I was to have an ultrasound and following that I was to see him again so we could look at how to proceed. I was seen in July and I was pencilled in for a laparoscopy in October, I suspect the exam gave him an inkling I would at least need a diagnostic lap.

After the ultrasound he could see pelvic congestion, he also suspected endo and adhesions (previously I had adhesions removed). He said they tend to be a package. The October lap was agreed upon and a method for dealing with the pelvic congestion (one ovary removed), it was agreed that if symptoms didn't alleviate then it was hysterectomy time. I was put onto 3 months of Prostap with the last one falling just before the op.

The op went well and I was grand for over 2 years. I have symptoms back again and I am seeing the same Dr next week.

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