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Stitches not dissolved 16 days later


Hi guys,

I feel really embarrassed leaving it this late but i had surgery 16 days ago and the stitches were suppsed to dissolve but haven’t. Rang my gp to get an appointment with the nurse to have them removed but there are no appointments until next week tuesday.

Anyone else experience this? And what did you do about it? Advice is appreciated

P.S i was sleeping through most of last week extremely lethargic and in pain hence leaving it till so late but i hope its not too late 😞 xx

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Hello! Mine took weeks to go. I just soaked in the bath a lot. As long as mine weren’t infected I just assumed they’d come off and they did eventually. Good luck x

RB24 in reply to Brottonbabe

Thanks hun,

Okay phew i was getting worried, the lower ones seem a bit tight but they are healing well i guess. Thanks for the advice xxx

Brottonbabe in reply to RB24

No problem 😊 As long as they look healthy and are healing. You could always book the appt and get them checked in case you’re worried next week or anything changes. Hope they go soon... x

I felt the same and was worried at about 2 and a bit weeks so booked an appointment with my gp, I only had stitches in my belly button the rest were glued. GP had a look and said as they're dissolvable and can take up to 5 weeks to come out he doesn't want to touch them as they're not infected or causing tightening of the skin. Sods law they came out the next day after the appointment, so close to 3 weeks.

Ahh thanks hun thats very helpful and reassuring xx

Like the other said, I wouldn’t worry if I were you. After my first lap I phoned up after two weeks but a nurse wouldn’t even see me to get them removed. For both my laps it’s taken about a month before they were fully dissolved, and in one case it was actually only because I accidentally pulled the last bit out x

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