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I referred back to the gp again and they won’t take my coil out, but they have referred me back to gynaecology. The don’t want to remove the coil to undo the work the hospital have done until I’ve been back to see them.

To help with the bleeding I’ve been given loestrin 20, a low estrigine pill to take all the way through to stop my bleeding and also iron tablets to top up my ferritin levels as they have dipped again since, I have been bleeding 8 days every 2 weeks, anyone else been through more tablets, or other options until sent back to hospital?

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I went back, saw a different gp who accepted my right to have the mirena out if i so chose.

How long have you had it in? The first 2 or 3 months are really rough but it does usually improve. I needed iron as well.

It had been 5 months when I asked so I had given it a good go and plenty of time to settle. My period stopped in month 2 which was nice but I had pelvic pain instead along with low mood.

Linz4686 in reply to Starry

I have had it in 3 months now, I just feel low and in a bad mood all the time.

My period is every 2 weeks for 8 days, really sore and driving me mad.

Starry in reply to Linz4686

At the end of the day its your body and you have a legal right not to have it if you are settled in your decision and aware of the risks, consequences and other (possibly limited) options. They dont suit everyone and only you can judge what side effects you can tolerate. There are walk in clinics in some towns if need be.

I decided in month 4 that my pelvic symptoms almost certainly weren't post op and then gave it a few extra weeks to be sure. The trade off of no period for daily pelvic pain didnt work for me. Its a shame as it so very nearly worked just not quite.

That said, zoladex (which you are often offered next) was even less successful for me as its a stronger repurposed cancer drug. But there again for some people its the right thing. Our bodies all react differently to these treatments.

Good luck in whatever you decide is right for you to do.

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