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So I have Endometriosis and PCOS after years of painful intercourse, irregular bleeding, very painful periods.

Despite almost living at my Doctors Surgery for the pain, nothing was done about it apart from prescribing pain killers.

After 2 years of not conceiving, I was referred to a fertility specialist who suspected Endometriosis. I was booked in for a laparoscopy, dye test and ovarian drilling. They had told me the Endometriosis was in tubes and buried my ovary which has left me when adhesions and Scar tissue. They also stayed the dye went through but under high pressure.

My periods were regular after the operation and I had no pain at all during intercourse and I began to feel positive again.

I then continued ttc but as there was no luck I underwent one cycle of IVF (private). I over stimulated and due to this could only produce 3 eggs and one fertilised. I was over the moon, however it failed to implant. Was distraught also because my consultant admitted that my injections during the cycle were too high hence why I overstimulated.

4 years after IVF my symptoms of Endometriosis started to return. I am now in a new relationship and we are hoping for a baby...but still no luck. I have had another laparoscopy a few weeks ago. They found Endometriosis in my womb and rectum. But had said my tubes were open. Haven’t period yet so unsure of the result of the lap. I have however have an infection in my vein where they had inserted the cannula which has spread up my arm- am currently on a course of antibiotics but apart from that I feel fine after the lap!

So that’s my 8 year story! I am still holding onto faith and hope one day I will have that BFP!!

Would love to hear positive stories.....

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