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Time taken to conceive after laproscopy for minimal endometriosis

Hi guys

I just need some comfort. I had a laproscopy in mid December 2015 and they found minimal spot of endo on my left ova which they removed there and then. They also ran the dye and my tubes were clear.I pushed for the laproscopy as I was failing to fall pregnant.  We started trying in August 2014 and I fell pregnant in February 2015 only to have an early miscarriage at 6 weeks. Since February 2015 I am unable to conceive and I am feeling quite depressed.

Fast forward we have been TTC 3 cycles since lap but no luck. Please could you share some positive stories from ladies who had difficulty conceiving with minimal endometriosis. I keep reading stories of women with moderate to severe endo falling preg quickly.


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I got pregnant on my 7th cycle after my lap and dye back when my endo was mild. I found focusing on my diet and fertile signs helped me feel better. 


Hi Bumblebee

Oh wow that is great to hear. I hope I get a positive v soon each month feels like a lifetime and it is draining honestly. I have started the pre-conception vitamins and have also started to focus on my diet.


Sending you baby dust!


I don't have a story to share yet but I have basically the same situation as you. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. 

We've been trying since August 2014 too, I had a lap just over 2 weeks ago and I am now waiting for my cycle to settle. They found some mild endo around uterus and bladder, tubes clear as well. I don't know what to suggest but I am going to start taking the pre-conception vitamins again and focus on my diet as well as using the ovulation testing kits. 

Are you getting any endo pain or painful periods etc since the lap? Did you before it?


Hi Dbelle

how did your lap go? I hoe you are not getting any pain and have settled now. Yes I have started the pre-conception vitamins I recovered v quickly from the lap.

No painful periods just bum cramps approximately a week before my periods are due. Before surgery I had minor pain but it was not falling pregnant and slight irregular periods that got me worried and I requested for a blood test and scan. The scan did not pick up any endo but I still pushed for a lap. The doctor was v helpful and did the referral straight away.

Good luck.xx keep me posted.


It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, although I was quite sick from the GA/morphine. Back at work now and very tired as I've got my period - it keeps coming and going but hopefully will settle and go soon.

Hope you conceive again soon, I think they say the first six months you have the best chance? Hope you get that positive result soon xx


Hope you get well soon and take it easy. I hope your period will flush everything out.

I hope you get your positive soon as well. They say 6 months but each month I get demoralised.


Hello, Has your partner done his test yet? 


No not yet but I suspect the problem lies in me as I also have brown spotting a few days before my period actually starts.


We've been trying for about three years now. Right now I am focusing on being well, baby has been waiting for so long, it can wait another three years.

Spotting before period starts may not mean much; it may be just your body preparing for the period. Don't go blaming yourself based on that. Actually, don't go blaming yourself at all. You don't need that. Your health is most important, that includes your mental health too.

Good luck


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