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Swollen stomach with endo

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I have only just been diagnosed but.along with pain symptoms i have been complaining and going to the doctor about a huge swollen tummy that never seems to go down.In 2018 i was sent for a test that showed a hiatue hernia.Although they do not think it is the reason for the swelling.I actually look pregnant.I have dome the fod diets and others and it doesnt seem to matter what i eat just whenever i eat.Years ago i use to go through a week when it would go down but now for the last two years it has been constantly swollen.Been to doctors.so.many times.I am constipated then after a while not so much.I am.so gassy all the time.For 6 yrs i have never had a any help or a.conclusion to this.Doctors cant give me an answer or help.Just seen a dietitian and they were not able to help either.Not really knowing what the problem could be.I have not been told this has anything to do with endo.I am being tested for celiac and those type of things yet again.

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For years I was told I had IBS as my stomach would bloat, painful and I couldn’t eat certain foods. I don’t believe it was ever that as I was diagnosed with endo and adeno. Even now with medication the minute I eat l bloat up, sometimes it worse than others. I would love a flat stomach! X

Oh me too, now i cant wear anything and it is so uncomfortable isnt it.I sometimes feel like i could explode.Doing the fod diet and others made me realise that it didnt matter what i ate.Which is really frustrating.I wish it was something that triggered it, then i could avoid it.Been told about ibs aswell.It seems thats all they consider x

I also done the FODmap diet and makes no difference to what I am eating as to the bloating. Even looking at food makes me bloat x

Exactly...cant even look at food and i love eating. xx

Good old ibs drs love that one I’ve got same as you but with the addition of pcos I still get bad bloating I’ve got used to it now I had a man at a wedding get up and give me his seat I thought I looked ok that day he thought I looked pregnant 😂 I’m 46 now and most of my clothes are elastic waist but I don’t care gone are the days of holding my tummy in being comfortable is most important thing now especially when I’m on or due on! But one thing that has helped I’ve stopped drinking and fizzy drinks just water and it helps good luck 😉

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Rachel20 in reply to Jensenelly

I look pregnant too.I really do.I wish it was.weight gain because i could loose it but its so uncomfortable.Sometimes i feel.as.if i could explode x

Hi 😀 I have found following an anti inflammatory diet really helps with my bloating. I hope this helps

I experience bloating quite often. Sometimes worse times than others but it can be very noticeable and quite embarrassing. My children even asked if I was pregnant after dinner one occasion. You can have bloating with endometriosis

Why don’t you try and get some water tablets, herbal ones. It’s probably water you are holding

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Rachel20 in reply to Jenny1974

Wow That is a great idea.I didnt even think about that.Am.definately going to take your advice.Thank.you so much.I do think im retaining water on my thighs actually.X

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Jenny1974 in reply to Rachel20

Try HRI water balance have good review too x cheaper on Amazon

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Rachel20 in reply to Jenny1974

Thanks Jenny x

Oh I feel your pain with this one. I had bloating and pain for years and was told it was IBS or stress and went through every diet in the book.

Excluded all foods that might be triggers and still nothing. Eventually I was diagnosed with deep infiltrating endo and cysts n fibroids.

Before I used to bloat here and there and now as I have aged it is pretty much constant. Got some fancy new stretch marks as well!

I have just accepted this is how it is until I can get my lap op. Buy nice clothes you feel good in and that allow for the bloat and don't be too hard on yourself as it's not your fault .

If anyone is experiencing this I would deffo get tested for endo as it's a sneaky sod! Xxx

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anonyz in reply to Coffeewitchx

What is the Lap Op?

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Coffeewitchx in reply to anonyz

laparoscopy :)

Oh.goodness.Its frustrating isnt it .If it isnt ibs then its definately.stress.So annoying.I prefer actaully medical diagnosis..but it seems as if im.asking too much.I dont.believe we are all a.medical mystery somehow ...xx

For a great bloated wardrobe look up @lottiedryan on Instagram and she has a Facebook page you’ve gut this - for IBS and some EndoWarrior’s are there too.

Jessica Duffin the Endo belly coach……could be SIBO??? Look her up as she helped me loads. I was doubly incontinent x

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Rachel20 in reply to 635703

Goodness didnt even know that was a thing.Thats wonderful.Definately lookong that up.There is only so many peplum tops. I can buy😂 Thank you...xx

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635703 in reply to Rachel20

Oh but there are shirred dresses too, and no wire bras and high waisted pants and paper bag shorts x

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Rachel20 in reply to 635703

Cant wait it Sounds like heaven x

Hi. I feel for you, because constipation and a swollen tummy is tiring and adds to the load you are already bearing with the endo. You've mentioned here that you've done diets. I just wondered if you had heard of the anti candida diet? It's just that I used to majorly suffer with a swollen belly and constipation, but I went on an anti candida diet and took good probiotics and whilst it didn't get rid of the endo pain, it did sort out the belly and constipation and other symptoms. The NHS will not recognise candida unless you have thrush, which I did not, and wouldn't treat it as effectively anyway. You should easily be able to find a candida questionnaire online to see whether you have many of the symptoms and could find relief from it. Hope this helps and hope you find some answers soon! x

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Rachel20 in reply to Washington1

Great advice.So willing to try everything and that diet is something i have never heard of.I will have a look online.Bless.you thank you for that.Best wishes x

Hi,Sorry you’re experiencing this. I’ve had intermittent swollen tummy since my hysterectomy for endo in January, I’m trying to improve my gut microbiome eating foods that will support it. You need pre and pro biotics and this is supposed to maintain equilibrium, and general health. If you research this it might help but it’s not an instant fix and you have to follow for life to reap the benefits, good luck. 😉

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Rachel20 in reply to Minnie153

Thank you.for that help Minnie.I will look that up online.So happy to try absolutely anything.And everyone on here are so nice and helpful.I really do appreciate it..Bless you will take your advice.Wishing you the best and hope you.are feeling well soon x

I've got this , I had to go to A&E last night the pressure on my chest was to much I also had horrendous back pain couldn't cope anymore , they done ECG , heart , kidneys , liver and gaul bladder tests and done an ultrasound found nothing , Dr gave me strong antibiotics if not better in a week got to go back for an endoscopy

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Rachel20 in reply to Jannie61

Hey Jannie.I do hope.you.are.feeling.a bit better.I do understand your pain.this has happened to me a few times.Never been told why.Really hope you have a good doctor.Dont give up trying to find out.Its been happening to me for years and years and still no answers.Really wishing you all the best.x

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