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Zoladex injections


Hi ladies tomorrow will be my first zoladex injection after diagnosing with endometriosis.

Is there anything I should ask the doctor tomorrow?

Any advice greatly appreciated as im a little worried and brain fogged by it all.

Thank you Kate x

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Hi Kate,

Hope you are well?

I am having my third one tomorrow.

You could ask your doctor how long you will be having these for? (Unless you are already aware of that)

Some of the side effects I have had so far-

Hot flushes

Headache/migraines (but that was only for a few days)

Memory fuzzy

Joint achy (but I have been taking an extra calcium vitamin to help with joints)

Hope that helps, obviously it isn’t guaranteed you will get these side effects .. let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi Rachel..

Im ok recovering slowly... Bit sore and weepy 😪 trying to come to terms with it all.

Ive read a few reviews of the side effects and they sound so awful.

But im willing to give them ago.. Anything to help the painful monthlys.

Pleased youve managed ok so far...

Thank you for the advice vitamins may be an option.

Good luck tomorrow with your injection ... Where do they inject??


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Hi Kate ..

When was your laparoscopy?

(Definitely takes time to recover)

They can be not the nicest thing .. but the side effects they aren’t daily. (I haven’t found anyways)

You can only try it and see how your body gets on with it.

Thank you - plus my 1st one was the morning after my surgery so was more painful.

But then the nurse who done the 2nd injection she was more gentle - it is like taking blood some people are better than others!

They do it in the stomach (it can bruise - it did mainly with my 1st one as I was so bloated after the surgery)

They alternate the sides which the injection is done.


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Hi it was 26th April.

Im still bloated a little but swelling mainly from bruising incision sites.

I hope the Doctor is kind lol x

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Oh really recent then!

Take it easy....

my fingers are crossed for you :)

(Could always take some painkillers an hour before your appointment if you are concerned)


I had a few side effects initially but got given Oestrogel to stop the hot flushes which really worked.

I was on it for about 15 months and in that time had an almost normal life - I trained for and ran 2 marathons, got lots of PBs at other distances and felt like I had my life back. I came off it in November to start IVF.

The only real downside I had was that it really affected my sex drive - I wasn’t interested at all, and things were less sensitive.

I used to have a local anaesthetic to have mine put in because I am a massive wuss, but that meant it had to be the GP not the nurse who did it.

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Hi wow you sound like youve coped so well!

Well done on your running too.

Thank you for your reply.

I reckon my hubby will be very disappointed if sex is limited!! How ever I dread the deed as its so painful its no pleasure for me!

Good luck with your IVF


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Hi Plow-13,

It’s the best thing I did trying the zoladex! Definitely give it a go and don’t worry too much about all the side effects people tell you. This is a good thread and very accurate to what I’ve also struggled with but it all is worth it to be pain free. I’ve recently had headaches quite a bit which I think is from the zoladex but that can be due to oestrogen levels I think. I presume you’ll be getting HRT to start at some point? Xx

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Hi i get the odd headaches now but probably due to all the stress etc.

So managing ok with pain killers

Thank you for ya positive reply!! Good to hear you were pain free.

Ive thought about asking for HRT did u take it? What did they give you of anything? X

I was so nervous having read all the reviews, but these definitely helped me. The only thing I wish I had done was started a small dose of oestrogen as, by the 6th injection, the side effects were frustrating. Being pain free was amazing. I was only supposed to have 3 so didn’t go for the oestrogen, then it kept being ‘just one more’! Booked in for a hysterectomy now.

Good luck!

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I will ask about the HRT... Im worrying that side effects may effect my way of life working and being a mum its hard enough with the Endo pains.... but tbh I will do absolutely anything to rid the Endo.

Good to hear you coped with your injections.. Aw hun a hysterectomy sanding love x🙏🏼🙏🏼

Hello Plow-13,

Best advice I can give you is to print off the detailed drug information sheet for Zoladex from the emc website (this is the official production information database for all drugs approved in the UK). You can download it here:


The "SmPC" has the most detailed information, the "Patient Leaflet" is a bit more vague.

Like all drug treatments, some women find Zoladex helpful, others not so much. If you read through the SmPC guidelines and maybe also give copy to your family / close friends then, if you start to encounter any side effects or problems, you and they can quickly work out whether or not you need to get back in touch with your Specialist / GP for advice.

I also would recommend taking a copy of the SmPC with you to any check-up appointments you have with your doctors, particularly if you have started to experience any side effects. It is always much more productive if you are able to say "I've started to suffer joint pain. Joint pain is listed as a side effect on Zoladex's SmPC, what can be done to manage this?"

Being prepared to deal quickly and appropriately with any side effects is (I've found) usually the best way to get the most benefit out of any treatment.

Best of luck, x X x

Thank you for your reply and info.

Its very help full.

Ive had my injection this morning

It wasn't as bad as I thought... Even when the Doc said its a big needle 🤦🏼‍♀️

Thanks again and gold idea to print off and give my family x

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