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Bladder problems 🙄

My bladder is annoying me rn haha.

I’m still waiting for a diagnosis but atm I constantly feel like I need to pee when I don’t. When I do go toilet, it’s like only small amounts and 30secs later, I feel the need to pee again 🙄 it’s like something is constantly sat on my bladder and causing pressure.

I don’t have pain when weeing but during my period it does hurt and there’s blood. I have all the other endo symptoms such as painful, heavy periods and painful sex, pain few days before period, severe back pain during period as well and other signs.

Also have bowel problems which is worse during my period to the point I want to cry in pain when I go (sorry tmi)

Does anyone else have this and what is causing it?

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I get the exact same as you, I find being on the pill for 9 weeks gives me a lot of relief but when on week 10 I have my period I have to be on prescription painkillers otherwise going to the toilet makes me near enough cry! Along with all the extremely painful cramping, back pain, etc.

I get the needing to wee constantly thing as well but I seem quite prone to UTIs, not sure if that is the same with you or you have gone to the doctors to get tested for one? When they aren't painful I find drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice clears it up but still very annoying so I completely sympathise with you

Not sure if that is any help but you definately are not alone with the symptoms xx

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I’m not on any contraceptive pills or injections and I’ve been tested for UTIs and it was all clear.

My new doctor thinks that if I have endo, it may have spread to my bladder and bowel but I honestly don’t know xx


It might be worth trying the pill if you are struggling the whole month to see if it can at least relieve the pain for the weeks you aren't on your period, my gyne suggest the coil otherwise but I wasn't really comfortable with that and she said it was 50/50 chance of it helping

If you haven't already I would really push to see a specialist, think that was the big mistake I made being given a diagnosis then pretty much left to deal with it and not continuing to push for more help so hopefully you won't be put in the same position as me! I think mine has spread to the bowel as well but they never confirmed it and now have the joy of trying to start getting referrals all over again xx


I’ve tried the pill twice and it doesn’t help at all, I just get horrendous side effects. I saw a private endo specialist to help get things moving, it did so now all I can do is wait for my lap which is around 23 weeks waiting list. X


Ah fair enough I had to try a few different pills before I found one that didn't make me feel awful.

I hope it all goes well for you!x


Hello I also get this symptoms with feeling fatigue and sick but in pain also all the time and iv been told iv got endometriosis


That how my symptoms of endo started constantly needing to wee like i had a bladder infection and once waking up to blood pouring out of my urethera turns out i have endo on my bladder and urethera ive literally just been for a wee and wow felt like something was trying to rip through my urethera so it must be playing up at the moment as ive never experienced that pain so severe in my urethera surgeon said they cannot remove it as it would cause damage i found while i was on the pill i had no symptoms i was on the pill for 10yrs a yr after coming off the pill the symptoms started if i wasnt trying for a baby i would go straight back on the pill


It’s so annoying, I’ll go for a wee and then get the feeling I need it again like 5 minutes later. Then I have a constant pressure feeling in my lower stomach and pain as if my bladder is full but it’s not xx


I know its so annoying i find i cant drink a lot unless im at home and if i know im going out especially for a walk i have to make sure i havnt drank for a couple of hrs before even when i told the dr before my diagnosis she told me to try to train my bladder to go longer in between by holding it in a little bit longer each time i thought she was crazy but i was desperate and tried it it did help but as we speak ive lost count how many times ive had to go for a wee yet i havnt drank a lot


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