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PID and Endo


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help? Basically I have endometriosis and have previously had ovarian cysts, but two weeks ago I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and put on antibiotics. The swabs came back negative and it seems the hospital aren’t entirely sure what’s causing it, but I have the coil and it wasn’t pulled so maybe it’s that? Anyway, long story short, the antibiotics have irritated my stomach to the point I was hospitalised and taken of the antibiotics a couple of days (2/3) early. Now, I am still in a bit of pain, and I’m unsure whether it’s the PID or any of my prexisting illnesses. I had a laparoscopy end of 2016 and got the all clear for endo, and had the coil fitted. I’m afraid the PID will return because I had to come off the antibiotics early, and I was going if any of you lovely people had any advice for me? Thanks :)

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Hello, I’ve had a lap which has come back clear my GP are however suspecting it is still endo seeing a private consultant on Tuesday! I have twice been diagnosed with PID but all my swabs have come back clear. My symptoms haven’t improved after treatment and the NHS consultant wanted to discharge me but my GP kicked off. Unfortunately I can’t really offer much advice other than perhaps speaking to your local sexual health clinic or GP and they might be able to offer some advice. X

Good luck! I hope you get the cause of your pain sorted, and thank god your GP was on your side! Have you had any further testing done? I’ve had STI tests done, and they’re negative, I’ve not got any cysts, it’s seemingly just this infection. I just don’t feel the antibiotics have worked fully...

Heya! I’ve had PID 4 times and I also have Endo and have had ovarian cysts. The antibiotics reacted with me badly as well the first time I had PID and I ended up in hospital too. They had to decrease the dose of the painkiller and I managed to get on with it okay. I would always recommend taking the full dose but I wouldn’t worry too much. How many days did you have left before the dose would have been completed? Just make sure you are safe during sex (whether that be a partner or someone else aha) because normally PID is from STI’s however in my situation, I had 2 situations where my PID was just cause from bacterial infection but nothing related to STI’s! I have the coil as well and I’m not sure whether if the coil grabs onto the bacteria it causes it to come back (just my theory but I can the certain!)

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a lot of pain as well 😭 always here if you want a chat!! 💕

Oh I’m so sorry to hear you know how painful this is :( What happened with your reaction, symptoms wise? They just told me to come straight off of it and Because it’s damaged my oesophagus and made me vomit blood (not masses but enough) I now can’t have them at all. (I also have had peptic ulcers before). About three days if I remember correctly. They ran STI tests and they all came back negative. I’ve had the same partner for two years too. They actually diagnosed it via CT scan in A&E and I had a fluid build up as well an inflammation but no sign of cysts at least. Apparently the coil can cause it somehow so your theory of bacteria grabbing may be right! Honestly I just worried it’s going to come back, and whether its worth mentioning IV antibiotics, which I know seems extreme but given how I reacted to the antibiotics orally i simply cannot take them again. I’m also worried about my fertility.

Thank you my lovely :) you too!💕


They tried to diagnose me with PID at the very start of my endometriosis journey and i was not happy with this. My swabs came back clear and eventually they admitted it was not PID it was an infection caused by 2 very large chocolate cysts on my ovaries.

I felt that they were just trying to palm me of with the PID diagnosis as it was the easy explanation that why i fought it and didnt accept it because of the clear swabs etc.

Holy shit you poor thing, I’m glad you got a DX in the end! Have the cysts been removed/gone?

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