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New job medical check advice please!


I've been offered a new job (yay!) in a large company and am currently going through the medical check. I'd very much appreciate any advice on what/how to share with occupational health? I'm on a waiting list for a laparoscopy and currently have to take a sick day if a work day matches up with my worst pain as I can't walk or concentrate. Otherwise I am just tired!

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Hey! Congratulations on your new job offer! However you would have to be very open to them and speak about your condition from the beginning, larger companies offer a great support when having a condition like this one, all depends how you would cope with endo pain and working at a full pace ... in my case my company was very understanding until a pont where they couldn’t keep my job any longer and I was dismissed 😔, I was on and off for a whole year and although they were very supportive they simple let me go because I wasn’t capable of coming to work every day. So it all depends on the company’s policies and how bad your endo is affecting your day to day life. Xxx

All the best 😊


It's very much a personal choice.

If it were me and I was stable, its 1 day a month at most only if it falls on a weekday, I would not tell them unless the surgery is going to land during the probation period, and/or i needed special adjustments to be made and/or it meant I couldn't safely perform part of the job.

But it's simply because endo is poorly understood and I don't trust employers very much to do the right thing. At the time I moved internally I didn't realise the severity of my condition, but if I had disclosed, I am pretty sure I'd have the other competiting person would have got the role.

I had a 3 month notice period, had my lap in that time, went down hill discovered I had stage 4 and became so sick I had to take zoladex and had to warn her. She didn't take it well at first, but once she realised I'd not tried to stitch her up, was very supportive.

Thank you both for sharing your experiences, it's so helpful. ♥️ My symptoms only came on in the past 18 months and I've never had a medical condition to explain to a new employer. I'm actually a bit scared to talk to them about it.

My current role is a lot less responsibility, and my manager has friends with endo which has been very helpful with explaining my condition and issues.

It looks like I'll have the surgery during my probation period, and there is a question about operations on the initial medical form... Hopefully a good opener for me explain where I am at.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. X

I had similar when I took a new job. Once offered they can't generally withdraw an offer due to health reasons,however It's usually down to number of sick days taken too.if it's classified as a disability they definitely cannot withdraw it. I told my new employer I was on a waiting list for endometriosis surgery, once I had the offer, but had no idea when it was. At the time it was a 12 week wait. So around the end of my probation period too. They didn't have a problem with that and were very understanding . I also have Fibromyalgia, and I haven't told my employer as I manage it without needing time off. The questions say something along the lines of.. 'have you had to take time off work due to x, you, or Z.' I recommend being honest, as you could be seen to have lied, and this would potentially be a breach of trust /contract.

I remember dreading the conversation too, but felt better being upfront about it all in all.

Good luck with it all.

purplegrapea in reply to BBBOA

Thank you, that's very reassuring :)

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