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Managing full time work and endo symptoms - advice please

I am struggling to get through my full time job at the moment due to pain, fatigue and generally uncomfortable.

I have been diagnosed with suspected endometriosis due to symptoms and currently taking the pill for 6 months to see what effect it has prior to them considering a lap.

I am taking regular paracetamol and ibuprofen as cannot function well with stronger pain relief and grab the hot water bottles when I get home. I may go back to GP to try alternative pain meds.

Any advice? I don't know how to talk about this with my colleagues without them thinking I'm not good enough. I want to continue working but currently struggling to get through the day/continue social activities afterwards.

Thank you x

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Hiya I'm currently in same situation I have stage 4 - currently off I have escaped issues with work for many years but endo got hold of me now. Fatigue is horrendous and foggy brain not quite with it plus pain. I'm questioning if I can continue to work.

I personally ask for a lap so you can get a correct diagnosis. I find naproxen works well I use a tens machine and hot water bottle.


Hi there, I completely understand. I had a lap diagnosed stage 3 endo in Nov 2015, in Nov 2016 I had a partial Thyroidectomy for suspected Thyroid cancer ( turned out to be pre-cancer). Apart from during my sign off periods after my surgery's I have been working full time. It's so hard some days I'm exhausted and I struggle to concentrate. 2 general anesthetic both over 3 hours within a year of each other takes ita toll ! I hide my pain from my colleagues as much as I can, but there have been times when it's been too much ( once the HR manager had to drive me to emergency docs!) I gave up on a really good career opportunity due to my health last year. It's so frustrating as I'm capable of so much more but this damn endo is holding me back. One thing I find helpful is the stick on heat patches, I wear big knickers and stick it too them. It's like having a hot water bottle all day but no one can see it ! I find that really helpful. Like you I cannot function properly on the really strong pain killers but I find the 400mg ibuprofen and paracetamol do enough that I can work on the bad days mostly. People who know me well can see the pain on my face, but to others I've learned to hide it well. Just wanted to say you are not alone x


I feel your pain! I work very long days and at the end of the day Im so exhausted I just have to go home and straight to bed and it's upsetting not being able to do anything and having to miss a lot of days due to pain. I made sure my employers know about endo and how it affects me and warn them as to any flares or anything, and I spread my breaks out more (am fortunate to have a job thats a good mix of standing and sitting) and definitely comfortable shoes!! x


Very much struggle with you on this. I had to tell my work as I couldn't keep going and have had surgery. They were fine even though my boss is a bloke. I made it clear I was under hospital specialist treatment and was taken seriously. I was allowed to work from home once a week which really helps manage the fatigue especially as I have a long commute and because of a problem of lack of female toilets, no joke with IC bladder issues!. I take a lunch break religiously and I don't stay after for social stuff my energy is too precious. I've also tried to improve my diet , harder now I'm back. Avoiding alcohol drinking lots of water and processed food in favour of fresh vegetables and fruits make a difference too

I'm only on day 2 of my return post op as the fatigue was so bad I had a month off. It's hard going.

Good luck


Be open that you have suspected endo. It means my boss and colleagues are more understanding when I need to take time off. I work part time now so sometimes a take a day off sick and other times I have the opportunity to make the time up.


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