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Advice needed please

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Hi All,

I have just had my fifth laparoscapy and thought I had gone through it all.

This time is different which is why I am asking for advice. I have a had adeisions removed that were sticking my stomach wall to organs (not sure which ones yet). I have been home 1 day and feel awful. I have the usual pains and aches and sorry if this is TMI but what is worrying me is I have had a really bad runny tummy and I am passing black clots. I have had no bleed or spotting. I called the ward and they said if I get any more to go my nearest walk in centre, how I feel I don't think I can go anywhere.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?


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Oh no... It doesn't sounds right. I never had anything like it but I wouldn't wait with this simptoms. Go to nearest A&E to check!! Take care X

I had lap last year as had aheadions had stuck to my pouch of Douglas and found endometriosis in my womb I got kept in over night as heartrate went through the roof and had some bleeding but wasn't heavy I got home next day and the gas pain and shoulder pain was awful but only had 2 months of being pain free had at least six hospital addmissions in the last year and a half and all I get is oh we removed all the endo and don't think it can come back as quick as that all they done was offered me a scan and came back that I had a cyst on left ovary but I think u should go to ur nearest a&e department as don't think that sounds normal hope you feel better soon and take care xx

You need to see someone quickly to get checked the ward wouldn't advice you to go walk in centre for nothing ring doctor or 111 for advice don't leave just incase you have internal bleed if possible put sanitary towels on so you can keep clots for doctors to see you could have an infection thst can't be seen hun please don't leave it also coukd be nothing but for peace of mind get advice

Thanks all. I am booked in with my Gp for 10:30 x


I am 10 days post lab and had similar surgery to you and am still having bowel problems... It's so painful to go and even past wind when I do go it's really soft stools or flat dark brown stools... I'm also at my GP at 10:20 let me know how you get on

How did you get on? Hopefully better than me. The Gp fobbed me off. Didnt check for an infection or anything. Told to contact the ward if I get worse x

I feel like I'm just getting worse by the hour :(

Got a confirmed UTI as I expected and she thinks the anti biotics I was on where causing upset tummy and pains are usual pains from my body recovering!

Oh no, hopefully you get on the mend soon xx

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I would re contact ward or go to a and e and cost your doctor money maybe then in the future he will treat you

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Moniew in reply to Shelly1960

Thanks. I felt worse on Saturday so went the out of hours clinic. Got referral to surgical ward. They did some tests and scans. I have an infection which is what I thought. Got some Antibiotics and some other meds to help me. See how I go now. I was thinking about calling the surgery to Complain about the temp gp who saw me x

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Shelly1960 in reply to Moniew

So pleased you got the help you needed get well soon x

I would def call your dr again and again until you speak with him.

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