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Freaking out .... !!!! 😭

Hey all ,

Hope everyone is all ok my surgery is on Wednesday I’m getting my laparoscopy and cystoscopy, I have Jus got my period , now I’m freaking out even more that I still have my period on Wednesday.. Am I right in saying the surgery will still go ahead? The most thing I’m freaking out is when I put the gown on and they ask to have nothing on under it... I think I’m jus getting really nervous that why I’m freaking out , dosnt hell my period is here and I feel even more emotional about it all... xx

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Hello LolaLo :)

Please try not to worry about being on your period. I was once in the same boat as you and I mentioned it to my pre-op and I got a rather sassy reply back ‘we see hundreds of women a year, chances are a number of them are going to be on their period - it’s basic maths’.

Aside from that it may actually make the endo easier to spot as it will be ‘active’ so could potentially be a positive.

You will just need to ask for some surgery knickers when your admitted (they look and feel like paper pants) and just say you’re on your period and that will make you feel a bit more comfortable :)

I’ve got an op coming up in less than two weeks so I know it’s no good saying please don’t stress (the pre-op stress feels like a tight band around my chest that doesn’t leave until after so I know how worrisome it is). But at least you know that period-wise that part is fine. Just remember to bring some pads with you as you will wake up with a banan-boat style maternity pad and it’s much nicer to change into something a little more comfortable.

Best of luck for Wednesday xxxxx

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Thank you for your reply, I suppose that’s true... I won’t be the first or the last, yeah I had them when I was admitted I called my mum straight away to bring some pads for me as they were mega uncomfortable.. so I’ll be sure to pack some with me, aww it’s jus that horrible feeling constant that butterfly feeling .. all the best for your surgery in a couple of weeks xxx

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Yeah that butterfly feeling that doesn’t budge no matter what :( I’m not sure what to suggest for that. If you find a way to ease it let me know! Xx


I had my period during my lap - it was fine. There was some confusion about whether it was ok or not to use a tampon - I took it out. I wore a pad to theatre with my own pants. I woke up with no pants and a massive pad as others have mentioned.

On the plus side, the lap seemed to scare my period away! It just disappeared afterwards.

Best of luck with your op xx


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