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3 weeks post total hysterectomy (key hole).scars have healed really well still tender and achy inside especially groin area,still feeling really tired and drained is this part of the healing process thought I might be getting over tiredness by now.

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You're still healing on the inside, plus a hyst is a pretty big op so I'd give it a few more weeks before you start feeling like your self again.


I’m following this with interest as I’m due to have a hysterectomy in May. Any advice you have on getting through it or preparing for it? My Mum said that the tiredness stuck around for quite a few weeks, but she had hers done years ago and wonder if it was a more surgically invasive procedure then. Hope you feel better very soon.


hi charley-rae. its a normal part of the healing process. dont be fooled by it being laparoscopic it is still major surgery. i had a tlh rso and excision back end of sept and i would say it was nearly 3 months before the tiredness and tenderness improved. its your body's way of telling you its working hard on fixing the insides. take things easy and nap if you need to as it is when your body does the most healing. youve got to be good to yourself. try to increase your mobility too. it is a hard recovery but you'll get there x

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Thank you dawn.iv Jst got in to see my g.p to discuss hrt xx


Is your consultant not taking care of that for you?


Care at hospital was horrendous ,been to see gp today reccomended hrt patches and a full blood test as my haemaglobin still low xx


Thats such a shame. Although i had to go private so the care was excellent. Bad treatment never encourages people to have faith in the health profession.

I had problems with my gp and local hospital gynaecology dept. So i was forced to seek help independently.

I saw a specialist and he helped a great deal. He changed my life for the best and ensured (after my gp tried to change my hrt to one they thought was best....although they never really paid muh interest in my condition before) that i was getting the hrt i needed.

Its good to hear that your gp is helpful and willing to do what is necessary to get you fir and well. X


I'll let u know how I get on xx


I had this done in 2016. Did you have the oopherectomy also?

I found that it was a fair few weeks before i was less tired. I had a minor set back so that didnt help. I took 6 weeks off from work and when i went back did not lift anything or push anything.

PLEASE so not think that just as it was keyhole that this means the surgery was not as major. DO NOT attempt to lift pull pick up or do any physical activity for a while.

It took me a fair few months to get back into physical activity and that was just basic. I only started exercises when i felt confident and sure everything had settled down.

Dont be surprized if you feel emotional about silly things. Thats normal and should balance out once the hrt kicks in.

Give me a shout if you wana talk.

Youve done the hard part.

Heads up.



Thank you hun means a lot ,been docs today he's prescribed hrt patches and a full blood test xx


Hi Charley-rae

I had my hysterectomy on the 28th feb, which makes me 5 weeks post op yesterday, every one is right in saying take it easy and listen to your body. i had everything removed including my cervix, i am the same as you with having good healing on my 3 incisions, i,m hoping the internal stiches are healing how they should be.

My plan now is to hopefully start back to work on the 30th but i have been told by my HR dept that it will be on a phase back, i tend to have more energy in the mornings but then get weary towards the evenings, but this has to be the best thing i have had done i have no regrets at all, i am pain free most of the time apart from a few aches and pains now and again, i hope you have a great recovery and everything goes well for you

Jackie xx


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