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Hysterectomy cancelled last week

Hi all

Hope you’re well.

I was waiting in the hospital last Thursday for my hysterectomy & excision of endo, and just before I was due down to theatre it got cancelled. I wasn’t angry as it was due to the woman’s op before mine being more complicated than they thought, and they didn’t have time to operate, but I just feel so fed up about it.

I had to really prepare myself mentally and now got to wait until the end of April. I am currently at work and just feel so miserable because I wanted it all to be over by now, I am finding it really hard to concentrate and I know the date will soon come round, it’s just so frustrating!

Sorry for the moan, I could just do with a bit of support as I know you’ll understand. I am trying not to look miserable, but finding it very hard.

Thanks everyone,

Vicki xx

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Oh, poor you! I know a little of what you’re feeling. I went in Sept 16 for a hysterectomy. They opened me up & found everything was stuck together & I had lots of adhesions. The were unable to proceed. The disappointment I felt was awful, so I know where you’re coming from. I always believe that things happen for a reason & maybe the timing wasn’t right for you. Take heart in the fact your op is only weeks away. Be nice to yourself in the interim & use the time to be the best you can be, for your op. I wish you all the best with it.x


Thank you for replying - it means a lot!

That is terrible what happened to you, have they managed to do anything since? xx


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