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Mri clear but could it still be on bowel?

My mri for bowel came back clear so the consultant said there is no deep disease on my bowel. However with my other symptoms and severe pain daily they are doing a lap.

Has anyone else had a clear mri but still found endo inside?

I have been diagnosed previously with endo following a lap, was on bladder bowel and pod

Thanks for reading

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Glad they didn't find endo penetrating the bowel, could be endo on the surface of the bowel which should get shaved off If I recall.


Not all of my large recto vaginal endo nodule showed visible on my pre op scan and my bowel shave op proved significantly more complex than expected as a result, so it is possible I believe for endo not to be in scan and found subsequently in lap.

Have you had a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy?


I had a colonoscopy 3/4 years ago that showed spasmodic bowel but I don’t have typical symptoms of ibs I don’t get cramps I get constant ache 😖

Also I can pass a stool unless I use a suppository and they come out flat like ribbon x


Also when I go for poop I get nasty period type pains x


I didn't get classic IBS symptoms either. I just started to faint on the loo, which was down to the nodule adhesions having pulled my bowel into a u bend and the lump of the nodule pressing on it. Plus I had cyclical diahrroea always on day 1.

I'm not sure what spasmodic bowel is but if you feel your symptoms have progresses perhaps worth asking for a recheck specifically by an endo experienced colorectal in a bsge?


I had an Mri before i had my lap. My mri was clear but my consultant found endo on my ovaries and bowel. She wouldnt touch the endo on my bowel without a bowel surgeon present.


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