Fuming after talking with a doctor about endo!!!

I've just been to have xrays ans ultrasounds completely unrelated to sex organs, on my feet. After 10 years of wanting to know what's wrong with my feet it occurred to me to ask if it could possibly be my endorsed growing in one of the bizarre places it sometimes reaches. A fully qualified doctor looked me in the eye and said endo doesn't grow outside the pelvic organs. SO ANGRY!! It may well not be the endo causing the pain but how are us ladies supposed to get fixed when even the doctors don't know the facts!

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  • Hi I totally agree with you on doctors!!!!.... I'm my experience and what I have read it still amazes me that doctors are soooo clueless and useless regarding this disease and about everything else for that matter. What do they get taught in med school for 7 years, unbeleivable. We know a lot, lot more that the so called 'specialists', how I hate using the term specialist, I laugh to myself every time I hear it. I'm sure lots of ladies on here agree with you about doctors as endo does get to other places other than the pelvic organs including bones unfortunately x

  • I think I have it in my foot. The fleshy part underneath near my heel swells during my cycle. I don't care what any professional says, I know it's the endro. It took me 18mths to get my 1st lap as the geno I saw said it couldn't be endro as my ovaries weren't sticking. When I got ref back I refused to leave until I got a ref for a lap. Needless to say they found a whole bunch of it. We obviously have to fight for what we believe is right as only we know our bodies. Good luck

  • Hi, I totally agree. I think endo should be separate from gynaecologist !

    It took me some time to realise, that every illness I've had appears to linked to endo. We know more than then. We should all be under endo specialists why can the NHS not see this ?

  • Hi EHughes_94,

    I just wanted to say it is possible I have it in my leg! I had a severe quad-biking accident where my leg was crushed under the quad-bike. I had extensive tissue and ligament damage. Due to this a hell of a lot of scar tissue built up. The surgeons can't go in to have a look as it has stuck nerves together and I now have a loss of sensation which could be made worse by the surgery. But from all scans and looking at when I have more or less pain and swelling they believe it is Endo.

    Your doctor along with many others - is an idiot!

  • I feel if endometriosis and its related problems were suffered by men we would be much further along than we are. 40+ years after my journey began there are still the same issues!

  • Totally agree. Imagine if men found sex painful-there would be an international effort to find a cure!!

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