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Pain relief ideas for a concert


Hey guys,

I'm going to see Niall live tonight and I've been waiting ages to see him but my pain is awful today. My back, stomach, hip and thigh on my right side are all killing me.

I've run out of my ponstan forte and naproxen. paracetamol doesn't touch the pain.

I've got heat pads to stick on Pre Concert but any other ideas of how I can make this pain stop so I can enjoy myself for just 4 hours?

Thanks xxxx

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Have you tried cocodomol? I believe you get only the 8mg over the counter. Or solpadeine, this also has codeine in it.

I hope you find something that helps you. Enjoy the concert xx

I went to a rock concert whilst on my period and honestly the adrenaline helped the most, but I managed to buy some ibuprofen cocodomals in boots and took those before 🙈 x

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