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Bowel diet in prep for bowel resection?

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Hi all, I had my 2nd lap 2 days ago where it was confirmed I have significant Endo on my bowel and ligaments (can't remember the specific ligament name) anyway, I'm waiting for a date to go back & have full hysterectomy and bowel resection. The doc said about 7 days before I go in I'll go on a specific bowel diet then they'll give me 2 enemas but I can't remember the name of the diet, does anyone know? I know I'll get told all of this when I see the colorectal surgeon but I just like to be prepared. I imagine it's going to affect my ability to go to work, plus I'm in bed recovering and believe it or not, can't think of anything else lol.

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It's probably a low residue diet which is low in fibre. There is a very strict allowed ans not allowed food list that get posted to you.

I was on one before my op. Its for about 5 days, then you take a strong laxative that clears your bowels ready for the procedure.

This was mine but they do vary from hospital to hospital (link deleted)

As has been said, it's a low residue diet, so basically white bread/white rice/cheese/dairy. No fruit or fibre of any description, no red meat. It may well make you constipated so it helps if you use lactulose or movicol or senna etc to keep things moving during that time. I wasn't given enemas before my surgeries and always had moviprep the day before to clear me out.

I just wanted to say also that make sure you are at a bsge accredited centre for this surgery and don't have it with a general gynae as they aren't skilled enough to carry it out.

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