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Is it endo?


I'm new to this site. I have been experiencing symptoms of endo I feel for ages . I went to my doctor due to having periods every two weeks heavy clotty and pains . They done a smear and examined me and have referred me to see gyno app Is on the 9/12. I had a miscarriage 5 months ago and assumed the clots were the reason. But I have been experiencing other things too like stabbing pains down there and in my bottom ( sorry tmi) constant cramps like all the time and my periods ridiculously heavy. I feel my hormones are all over the place too. The clots are the worst 😞 does this sound anything like endo ? Also what happens at my first app with gyno ? Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks x

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It sounds like it! But only your gynae can confirm it. It's likely they will do an internal examination and then refer you for an ultra sound scan. I hope you get answers soon x


Hi thanks for replying

I'm dreading an internal I just feel so sore all the time 😞

I hope I get answers soon too xxx


It's worth it just to know you're fine and healthy, it will be over in a few seconds. I hope it goes okay x


Thank you I will let you all know ! Xx


Yeah sounds like it, the big sign for my Endo returning is always the bottom pain tbh when tryin to open bowls especially during periods it's horrendous pain. The first app with gyna should be relatively straight forward to discuss you history and symptoms based in this he/she should be able to suggest treatment options. Endo is only confirmed during a laparoscopy as scans before this are only really indicative of the disease. They may suggest doing an ultrasound and or internal first to rule out other things. Hope that helps.


Thanks for replying

Yeah I have problems with my bowels too 😞

Just looking for answers now so hopefully this is me on my way to get them xxx


It sounds like endo something I experienced for months & months before I was finally diagnosed after a lap on Friday. At your first appointment you will likely be sent for ultrasounds, I know I had a load of blood tests through my gp when I started the pelvic pain, about 3 scans, urgent referral to colposcopy as I was suffering bleeding in between periods & smear test all which were clear they only picked up on inflammation in neck of my womb (off the endo) only way to 100% diagnose the endo is with a laprascopy unfortunately make sure u push & push to be refered for one. I really had to fight to be refered for one as I know something wasn't right.. 10 months after referral finally had lap and low & behold diagnosed with endo. Keep strong & positive you will get there in the end. X


Thanks for replying !

I've not had any blood tests yet and I hate getting blood took 🙈

Will it be an internal scan ? I'm so nervous...... Should I take someone with me ? I hope I get some answers along the line as it's agony xxx


I've never had an internal just normal ultrasound although I believe they do give internal but all depends. I probably had bloods taken about 30 times at the beginning of this year as my inflammation levels kept rising & they were concerned (it's from the endo!) so once you've had blood that much you don't even notice it lol. Just make sure u ask plenty of questions & be clear of what you want to know before your appointment & be prepared for a long wait sadly keep strong x


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