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feeling deflated

Feeling low. Saw my doctor last night and she said there's nothing she can really do to speed up the NHS referral process; she can only order the CA 125 blood test. She just said its a case of how we get me through the next X amount of cycles whilst waiting for the next steps/appointments etc.

Asked me if I was looking to start a family as that could be an option to kill the wait, lol!

Also said need to find a way to shut down my cycles or grin and bear it until the appt comes through. She's also recommended I go back on fluoxetine due to my worsening mental health (i was on it for about a year); I have re-started it last night and have the most awful headache today.

Feeling sad :(

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I’m sorry to hear of your pain and frustration. I suffer with endometriosis myself although at this stage I would caution an open mind as 50% of laparoscopic surgeries show no endometriosis but all is not lost. I’m at a conference in London until 5pm so won’t get home until 7-8pm due to the rush hour. Hang in there and I will get back to you ASAP. Whilst the waiting to diagnose or at least treat you’re pain there is a lot they can do. Unfortunately you’re GP isn’t able to get you seen quicker as the 2 week pathway is for patients who show symptoms that are very suggestive of cancer. I have been through it myself twice for breast lump suggestive of cancer and it’s not something a GP doesn’t do if there are reasons to believe this maybe the case. My GPs aren’t great anyway and even they did it. Fortunately it turned out ok. I will get back to you when I’m home. I hope this is ok.


thank you xx


know how you feel I saw my consultant in Aug who put me on the waiting list for a lap - I'm still waiting and on my 3rd date!

I have no answers on how to cope with the pain as some days I cant cope just have to try to keep on going. You are not alone which I find some comfort x


oh gosh 3rd date as in 3rd lap?


No 3rd date to do lap not made it as far as the operating table yet!


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