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Prostrap Injection

Hello all...

sorry to bother you, I have been in soooo much pain with endometriosis... I’ve had it 20 yrs, had 4 laporoscopies, 1 mri, had been on zoladex for a year... have the Mirena coil in, and been on countless amounts of painkillers to try and ease the pain...

The zoladex was an awful time... I was sad angry and suicidal...

I am waiting on a hysterectomy, but god knows when that will be because I was given a 14months waiting list... that was in July 2017...

I know it may not help me but I’m at my wits end and will try anything!!

I finally got speaking to my doctor today and she said the specialist has said I should have the prostrap injection...

Now when I was on the zoladex injection I put on nearly 2.5st...a specialist then said to me I was too fat!! I have lost that and a wee bit more.. what I’m wondering is what side effects does prostrap give you and is weight gain one of them...I can’t be dealing with all those emotions again and I’m feeling very emotional atm with the pain!!

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Bit confused by your question, because my understanding is that zoladex and prostap are the same thing.


Hello weepal, sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time.

I think you need to get back in touch with your consultant as girli1969 is right - Prostap is the same type of drug as Zoladex. Both are “GnRH Analogues/Agonists” and they work in the same way and have similar side effects. Some people do find they prefer one over another, but there is still a significant chance that if you suffered side effects on Zoladex then you may suffer similar ones on Prostap.

You can download the detailed product information for Prostap here (detailing side effects):


Have a read and then have a detailed chat with your consultant and/or GP about your options. Combining either drug (Zoladex or Prostap) with “add-back” HRT can reduce the severity of side effects for some women.

Best of luck, x X x


Hi Hun.

I am 33 and am now 7 months po from a full hysterectomy. I was put on prostap injection sdie to non stop bleeding and endometriosis pain. I was on the injection for 11 months and I found it helped.

The bleeding stop fully and the pain was no where as near as what I had previous.

I have put some weight on but not alot,everyone is different. Also I found my bones weakened and now I have osteopinia in my spine but hoping with the right supplements it will be better. Their monitoring it.

Having the hysterectomy has certainly changed my life for the better and best decision.

Even the pain after surgery was nothing compared to what I have dealt with for many years

When u speak to consultant ask about how long they are thinking of putting u on the injection for so you have an idea of how long it going to be waiting.

As u have already been one zolodex or how ever u spell it then I would have thought that would do the same sort of thing as prostap.

Try and get an appointment and discuss your cconcerns.


Awh I am sooo glad to hear a success story of the hysterectomy, I really am considering it... get a full one!!

I don’t homestly think I could handle all those emotions again... it was awful!!

It’s is nearly impossible to get apt with my specialist... I have rang so many times and they haven’t even answered my calls/messages!!

Thank you sooo much for your reply... xox


Ur very welcome. Keep us updated x


I will do... going to see Specialist on 18th April...


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