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Tiredness beyond belief

Hello everyone!

I believe tiredness is very common within this community. I experience this often but today it has really grinded on me. I'm 19 and I live at home but do go to uni to study which is an hour and half away from me. i'm meant to do presentation work today for my group bu my energy is so low i feel sick and I'm not anaemic or anything.

Any advice would be much appreciated I just woke up for a nap and be back in bed in about 2 hours:( also undiangoised until the 9th of March

Thank you xxx

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Hi hun,

I suffer really bad with exhaustion to. Had a recent blood test to check fatigue but all normal so must just be the hormones. Also undiagnosed with lap end of March. I find it such a big struggle and i survive on naps. If im due to go out after work i have to make sure i sleep first otherwise i just wont last. Exercising when im not in pain does help a bit x

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Hello thank you for your reply. I wonder how do they check for fatigue in the blood? very curious :) I noticed many people who having their lap in March which is comforting I'm not on my own . Naps are key for me trying to do uni work right now and struggling. After the lpa I plan on going to the gym to get rid of the weight gain of inactivity from the past year. x


I had my lap last month where they managed to get (not all) but most of my endometriosis. I can't tell you how much better my energy levels are now! I was pretty tired for first 2 weeks or so after the surgery but it gets so much better. There is hope!

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Hello! Thank you for your reply and it given me a lot of hope. I wake up tired and I fall to sleep tired I find even trying to have a full conversation with someone difficult to concentrate ect I can't wait for my op I feel so desperate. Yes I believe there is :)


Hey, when mine got bad I was tested for iron, b12, vitamin D, thyroid, magnesium and zinc.

My Vitamin D came back a little low. For me the others were normal.


Hello, thank you for your reply a few people mentioned b12 to me lately. I keep these in mind thank you :)


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