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i have been recently diagonosed with small patch adeynomoysis,i have had a really bad day today, ive been really confused with brain fog.. not able to think clearly....tiredness set n again..is this normal with the condition,also i suffer from nausea and wretching particularly when cleaning my teeth.i dont see gynie till december... will he take any of these symptoms seriously? im struggling some days and need to understand why this disease makes me feel this way.

hoping someone can give me some answers.xxx

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YEs it can be - but it can also be the result of several other things - so 1st thing to do is discuss it with your GP, get your hormone levels checked with a blood test. It might be that the thyroid is underactive, you might be anaemic (lack of iron in the blood) etc. Lots to check before you conclude it is the adeno.

It might not be adeno and may be very easily fixed with topping up certain things in the diet, or taking iron tablets or topping up low hormone levels.

If the results of tests show everything is within normal range then you might need to blame it on the adeno unless or until something else gets diagnosed. But first things first - get your bloods checked out.


thanks for your reply, my last bloods were apparently ok, i have been suffering for approx the last 8 years with fatique but endo related symp for about 15 or soxxx


Hi Toty, Yes do get a full blood test done for thyroid levels and hypothyroidism can cause many of your symptoms and it is very common for those with endometriosis to also have thyroid issues - they are both endocrine base problems. You GP can arrange for this - no need to see a specialist.

good luck


I have recently been diagnosed with adeno... last year when I had a lap the gynea report stated I had a bulky uterus but nothing about adeno was ever said. Then this year when my symptoms started again I finally got to see my gynea in sept and have been told from an internal scan that he suspected adeno. I had a lap 2 weeks ago to see what was going on and I had minor endo on both uterosacral ligaments removed.

When he came to see me on the ward I was still a bit groggy but he did say that he had removed the endo found but that all my problems were in my uterus and it was clear I have adeno and will need to see him now in 4 weeks time to discuss a hysterectomy.

As I'm only 2 weeks post op. I can't tell how much of my previous symptoms were endo and how much was caused by the adeno. I have just had some really bad cramps, a break out of spots, migraines and light old bleeding... think I was ovulating and it was as painful as a period. I have gone back to work and for the last 2 days have been very dizzy and naseous... I'm thinking it's the migraines.

I wake up most mornings exhausted and if I had the option I would nap every afternoon... and I never used to be a sleeper.

I can't wait until all this crap is over... I wish I had answers for you but unfortunately the symptoms we could have could be other things too. .. good luck. I hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi Toty - it was spooky to see your post as I was thinking about that particular issue this morning. I also suffer with brain fog but nothing shows up on my blood results. However it wouldn't surprise me if there is a hormonal element - I do honestly also think stress is a factor as well. When I do get het up - work, endo, life! - I sometimes feel like my brain is one of those fuzzy, flashing TV screens. I normally revert to some headache pills and some time in the open air. It's not ideal but something I've to used to - I'm just grateful I don't suffer with migraines as a couple of my friends do.


Thanks for all your replies, when i c my gynie in december couldl he suggest a hyster, im 47 ,i would be quite open to this if it could poss help .xx


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