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tiredness..... Its ridiculous !!!


can anyone share any tips on controlling the tiredness at that time on the month.

I have kind of accepted I cant do anything about the pain as nothing works, but the tiredness is a joke.

I literally cannot work - I do come to work as I cant let my work down but I struggle so much and just want to cry!!! I know all u ladies know this time of the month is hell but I just feel like I need a break... I cant handle it anymore. :-(

thanks in advance. xx

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have you looked into vitamins Nic? go into Holland and barratt and see what supplements they suggest to help, im taking vitamin D and folic acid, the last few periods haven't been so bad xxx


Hey doll , yeah I take folic acid and other vitamins don't really do anything

its all part of my Endo that I have - its a joke. :-(

one week of the month it feels like my life comes to a halt and I cant do anything as well as the other stress as u well know its just pants

HATE it.

how u doing? txt me.



I really struggle with fatigue as well, but I haven't seen many posts on it. It's so hard. This morning I felt reasonably perky, but this afternoon I could have put my head on the desk. Now my eyes are bloodshot and I can hardly string a sentence together.

I take vitamin D, calcium and magnesium but I haven't noticed much improvement with them. I'm starting to incorporate more turmeric into my routine in the hope it might dampen down inflammation, but it's a bit early to say if that is helping.

It's frightening as if it gets much worse I really don't know how I will work. Hopefully someone will have some tips.


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The week before and during I literally cannot function- think my work friends are getting sick of me yawning and saying "I'm soook tired" lol

I notice I make a lot more mistakes at work too in that two week period :-/ x

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I don't 'like' your reply, but at least I'm not the only one. Today I found an email I'd sent on Monday where I'd literally stopped mid-sentence and sent it! OMG


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