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Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone can help me with some symptoms I have been experiencing. I had a lap 1 year ago and got the coil inserted. I suffered many side effects and had no relief for my endo. Had another lap in July this year and doc removed all of my endo from my pelvis and left ovary.

I’ve recently been unable to feel my coil strings. I’ve been seen by 2 GPs who both cannot see the coil on examination.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been having extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, bloating, lower abdo pain/heaviness. My period came (although it was different than normal) and GP also carried out a pregnancy test which was negative.

I am now worrying as to what these symptoms could be? A cyst possibly?

Any similar stories or help/advice would be great as I am starting to worry it could be something more serious! Sorry if any of this was TMI!

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The symptoms I am having.


Those symptoms I get all the time apart from the lower adominal pain but I used to get that on my period until I got the coil 😮 If you cant find the coil strings it might of moved and maybe causing the lower pain 😮


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