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Confused and back in hospital


I wonder if any one can help me please. I am back in hospital with severe upper right quadrant pain. I have been checked for kidney infections (I have a uti and am on antibiotics) appendicitis and even gall bladder problems (some sludge was found but nothing else) the pain is worse if I move or eat and even sometimes pee (I have endo on the bladder) I'm taking oromorph for pain and have hardly eat for weeks. Can this be endo?? When I had my lap 2 years ago I was stage 1, but I haven't been on any treatment for a while after finishing my Synarel course as the pills don't agree with me. Anyone have endo this high up? Any suggestions?

I'm super fed up of hospitals!

Thank you

Nicole :)

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Hi, sorry you are suffering and I hope you feel better soon, once endo is diagnosed I think most of what we experience is endo,

If it's already on the bladder you should be under a bsge specialist centre, are you?????



No I'm not just a private gynae and urologist, I'll look in to it x


Hi, I'm currently experiencing the same, what sort of pain and where is it? Mine in right side under ribs, arm, shoulder and neck, I think it could be endo :-(


Hi I also have upper right quadrant pain. I've had this since my hysterectomy in April this year. I have had recent blood tests that indicate my liver is inflamed and problems with my right kidney. I'm also getting extreme sweating but blood test showed I'm not going through the menopause.

I hope your pain settles, let me know how you get on xx


Thanks for your replies! It's not my kidneys and my gallbladder is apparently fine now even tho 'sludge' was found and they said if was infected at first and iv been on antibiotics.

The pain is worse after I eat (agony) and dull and achy always but I have waves of stabbing.. It's under my ribs mostly on the right but on the left too and next to my belly button, it's in my back too.

I have celiac so maybe it's that? Docs think my stomach may be inflamed?

Who knows 🙈

Nicole x


Ohh its in my shoulder and neck too!


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