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Hi everyone.

I went in for my diagnostic lap yesterday. Still recovering but I'm doing fine! Just a bit nauseaus and pain in my tummy.

When I spoke to the surgeon I was told he wouldn't label me as having endo but he did find a small amount! I am so confused by this. Does this mean that it is the cause of my symptoms. Luckily they put the mirena coil in for me at the same time so I will be seeing how this working for my symptoms!

I was still a bit out of it when the surgeon came to see me so I didn't ask.

Also, during laps so they usually go through/near the belly button cos mine is killing!


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Hi! I hope you're recovering well and have a speedy recovery! I'd say that the cause of all your symptoms was most likely the little bit of endometriosis you have. I was told by my specialist that sometimes, people can have the tiniest bit of endo but can have the worst pain, and others can have severe endo and no pain so it can depend on the person!

I had my lap when I was 15 to diagnose me and they went through my bellybutton too for one of the cuts, it can be painful but hopefully it will be a bit better soon.

I'm glad you've finally got peace of mind knowing you've got it, even though its awful to have.

Hope you have a speedy recovery :)


Hi did they remove the endo? They pump gas into your abdomen so if you have any pain in shoulder try peppermint tea and try to move around as much as you can. Hope you have speedy recovery.


Hi. I don't think they removed it. If so they didn't tell me! Thank you!


Try asking your GP if they've had the report back and that should tell you what was done. If not are you having a follow up appointment? If so then definitely ask then if it was removed. Whilst the coil may help with symptoms it won't get rid of the endo. So this will need to be addressed.


That's what I thought. But the surgeon said as long as the symptoms are managed. When I'm recovered I will go back to the GP. Thank you x


They went through my belly button for mine too and whilst I had my appendix out at the same time they said that was fine and the spot of endo they found was the cause of some really bad pain. Hope you are recovering alright and I'd definitely recommend peppermint tea and rest.


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