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Prospective pregnancy tips!

Hi everyone :)

I hope you’re all as pain free as can be expected.

I really would love some help please. My partner and I have been together for almost 4 years, have a mortgage and very happy. I have the coil, and I can only describe it as a miracle. It truly has made my life so bearable. I’ve had two over 7 years, with my last coil being put in almost 3 years ago. If any of you have the coil, you’ll know that they don’t last quite as long as 5 years when you have endo and adeno (I was diagnosed with adeno a few months ago), and so it’s coming up to the time where I need to think about getting it changed. When speaking to my partner, we have decided to start trying for a baby in October. Random month I know haha, but we have things planned before then!

What I want to know, and I know it’s a difficult conversation for most of us, but if anyone has any tips for now? Should I start taking any vitamins or supplements? I’ve always been slight, so I’m trying to gain as much weight at possible before then, and I’m going to the gym to get stronger. Literally any tips would be gratefully received. I’m just trying to be as hopeful as possible that my fertility isn’t affected really.

I’m also a bit concerned about taking the coil out, and not having any quality of life... this coil is my safety blanket. It makes me function and I’ve barely had any pain really - not like before. I’m 25, and I can remember what those days were like when I was in agony. Can anyone prepare me for that? Have you found anything that helps?

Sorry for the long post! Congrats if you got to the bottom of it.

Thank you in advance!

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