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Adhesions in pregnancy.

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Hello. Has anyone got any experience of pain during pregnancy when you have got severe endometriosis and lots of adhesions.

After 10 years of trying and 3 IVF cycles. I am pregnant and am currently 14 weeks.

I have been getting some really bad pain and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this at all?

Thank you xx

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Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to say many, many congratulations. Really delighted for you. All the very best. Xxx

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sarahlou1606 in reply to Jenny8

Thank you so much. I am finding it quite hard at the moment. With the spotting and the pain. I can't help but worry :( x

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Jenny8 in reply to sarahlou1606

It's so hard. I didn't have the pain you're having, but I did have cramps bleeding and was convinced I was miscarrying (this was just before my early ivf scan). All was fine and she's now 6 going on sixteen. It's so difficult when you've fought so hard to get pregnant not to worry, particularly when you're having pain, but once you start feeling the baby moving that will help to reassure you. Also, from 16 weeks the midwife can listen for the heartbeat, which is also reassuring and mine said I could go in if ever I was concerned. Hopefully you'll be able to do the same. Xxx

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sarahlou1606 in reply to Jenny8

Thank you for replying.

Yes it is really hard when you have fought so hard to get this far. Were you on progesterone pessaries? Did you have any effects coming off them?

Do you remember when you started feeling baby move?

I have been convinced a few times that I was losing the baby but at 14 weeks it's still there. Thank goodness :)

I am looking forward too hearing the heartbeat :) xx

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Jenny8 in reply to sarahlou1606

Sorry, remember having pessaries, but not what they were. Think I came off them at twelve weeks or maybe earlier. Had no problems, though.

Felt the baby move from about 17 weeks. Really amazing and a bit freaky! Xxx

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sarahlou1606 in reply to Jenny8

Thank you. I have got to start coming off mine now and am just a bit wary x

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Jenny8 in reply to sarahlou1606

Good luck with it, although I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about as your pregnancy is well established now. Xxx


I am 9 weeks pregnant myself and have experienced horrendous pains in the first few weeks. The pains were so bad I was kept in hospital with expected ectopic pregnancy, as it was so early on they couldn't tell.

They found eventually an ovarian cyst which they thought was causing the pain. Touch wood I've been ok recently but I would suggest having a scan so they can see what's going on, not just in your uterus!

I hope you feel better soon, it doesn't help when doctors say ends pains should disappear in pregnancy. I thought that mine had got worse!!

Good luck with everything! Xx

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sarahlou1606 in reply to JCL24

Hello. Thank you for your reply. Firstly congratulations! Sorry to hear you have had a hard time so far.

I have had a scan today and all looks fine. I think unfortunately if you have endo with adhesions then we are likely to get pain as everything grows.

Doesn't do much for the nerves I can tell you!!!

As long as the baby is ok that is all that matter to me though so I will deal with whatever else is thrown at me.

Hi, I have severe endometriosis and when was pregnant, the pain got worse. I remember when I was round 6 weeks, my gp sent me to epu for suspected ectopic pregnancy. My pregnancy was not pain free. I had pain throughout my pregnancy. I went to the maternity leave early because of the pain in my back and all my adhesions.

Congratulations and good luck.

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sarahlou1606 in reply to Yalda

Ahh thank you for replying. It is lovely to here from people in the same position. It's scary having this pain isn't it?!

Did you have adhesions too?

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