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Ovaries on fire!!!

Hi ladies

Anyone that know my story sorry if i repeat abit but i am 43 and had bad periods for years and years and they just got worse every year.

I had a lap and they found absolutely nothing apart from i clotted quickly so was put on transexamic acid which had helped with the clotting but pain wise it has not.

I went to see a private gynae who got my lap result and pics and he said there was nothing but he did a internal and said i had a enterocele high up which needed womens pelvic floor physio...

it goin well but my periods are still bad.

Painwise there nothing i can do to get any relief, i take tran acid. Then i take naproxen and cocodamol 30/500mg and still the pain can have me unable to move for first two days....

It is literally like my ovaries are on fire and inflammed....

it goes after first two days and im ok so i understand that endo wise it prob isnt but it still doesnt help me with the pain?

Is there any suggestions( i laying here on sofa with hottie and just downed cocodamol and im still in pain) .

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Could you have PCOS?


I had ultrasound and was told it was clear and a lap and told nothing there either..

I was told “ some women periods are just alot

More painful then others”!! Thanks for that.. useless bit of info lol


I have had several ultra sounds over the years. Sometimes several cysts on ovaries and sometimes none. On my pre op paperwork for lap they had written I had PCOS. Gynaecologist (excuse spelling) said the cysts generally appear and burst in the days leading up to period. Might explain your pain...


Ahhhh that could b. Oh the pain today is right up there.

I have taken the most dose of cocodamol and naproxen and nothing is touchin it today.


Had my laparoscopy end of October. Hormones went all over the place. Taking contraceptive pill now...my break is two days in. Had ovary pain really bad this morning. This afternoon my period arrived...worth checking out. Hope you feel better soon. Baths and warmth...bit of wine maybe 😁 x


Ha ive already had a little brandy. It is wearing of now ... urgh what us women have to put up with .. that hurts so much i was shaking in pain


Sounds like nerve pain or bleeding within the tissue. Still could be Endo. The fact you have inflammation in the tissue. Endo cannot sometimes be seem with the naked eye. Find a Endo Specialist. Hammersmith or Roehampton. You need another opinion?


Hi I'm sorry. Feeling "fire" is what I felt when I had a cyst inside my ovary.. it would swell and give me tons of pain especially during ovulation. That was seen in an ultrasound though. As far as Endo.. all I can say is it may still be your problem.. it may have been over looked.. I had a Dr. Overlook mine.. 11 years later when I saw a fertility specialist I took him the pics from my first lap and he said that was Endo.. you may need a second opinion. Turns out I had stage 2 among other issues but for all those years I thought I didn't have it ... Its easy to over look it comes in different "forms" a fertility specialist deals with it often.. gynos don't.. they deal more with prescribing pills... Go find yourself a specialist .. you need better care clearly.. there's definitely something wrong. In the mean time try some natural solutions avoiding estrogens is key to any female problem whether it's Endo pcos or a cyst avoid dairy (hormones) and wheat (causes inflammation) reduce if not throw out red meat all together it's loaded with estrogen. These should help your pain. They considerably reduced mine. Progesterone cream helped a lot too to balance out those extra estrogens. Nat pro is a good one. Nattokinase and wobenzym N help a lot with thick blood. They are both natural. Wobenzym also can get rid of cysts and adhesions. The enzymes break down unwanted tissues in the body. They're both all natural no chemicals. Blessings!


I have some wellsprings natural prog cream but have never used it as i dont really know when im suposed to, do i use it everyday? How many times a day? How much?

It always same every month but just 2-3 days then im back to normal no pain? But them 2-3 days the pain is immense like shaking ur whole body pain...

No sleep no eating pain...

I am gluten, yeast and dairy free have been a year now and it has got better as it helped my ibs but period wise not helped really. I also take probiotic, digestive en, glucosamine


Also what is the best progesterone cream? In the uk. Natural of course


I use Natpro I'm in US but pretty sure you can definitely get it in UK. Look at Natpro website they have a lot of info on how much. I use it day 14 of my cycle until my period starts then stop the cream I use it morning and night 100mg each dose. Which is 2 pumps with their product. Their product is more concentrated so you don't need to use as much as other creams. I would jump into a high dose though work your way up and read about it on their site. But it usually takes higher doses to combat cysts and Endo. I've been on it for a few years now I'm a wreck moody mess and pain comes back if I stop it. When does your pain occur? During your period or ovulation?


Period! Never ovulation, well i ache but no pain. It always day 1-3 of period then goes. I also get mad pmt!! Like i go abit nuts ha ha.

Il give it a go il have a look see if i can get natpro in uk or delivered.


I had that bad too terrible mood swings and very angry too it's all gone now though that's why I'm scared to stop the cream. I hate how moody I was before it. progesteronetherapy.com/nat... rosesandremedies.com/

Check out those links maybe they can help. Miscarriage most times is also caused by progesterone deficiency. So by using the cream you can prevent that. When you use it though don't stop until you know your not pregnant so only once you've started your period. Use no sooner that day 14 as well. Make sure you have already ovulated. So if you have a cycle of 28 days day 14 is perfect if your cycle is longer start later. That's what my fertility specialist told me. Online you'll see it use it earlier but don't do that if your wanting to get pregnant. You'll be in my prayers. Also where Is your pain? If you have any low back pain or pain radiating down your legs that can be sciatica nerve pain. It's very painful but a good chiropractor can help that too. :)


Also where do u rub it? Wheres best place to absorb


Arms neck chest thinned skinned areas I also did my abdomen hoping to get it where it needs to go lol :) if you get painful breasts during your cycle it can help that too the pain comes from increased estrogen so the progesterone combats that. So you can use it there also. I'm pretty sure it can even cure breast cancer..


Hi iv got stage 4 endo and for relief my gp put me on 30/500 cocodomol along with oxycodone liquid and it's so good to be free from pain it does wear off quickly after a few hours but my gp says I can take it again in a few hours if I feel I need to x


Thanks ladies.

For all the help i have just purchased some naptro progesterone cream so should hopefully b able to use when this is finally over....

Im so over this now the pains been awful This month. Actually had me laying on floor crying last night. I took 2 cocodamol 30/500 mg and a naproxen and a diazepam and nothing touched that pain!!!!

Today it is better but im sore even on skin outside now but it feels alot easier.

It seems as im getting older or nearer menopause it getting worse


Glad you got yourself some cream please read on their website and educate yourself on the uses and doses. Because you don't want to start and stop at the wrong times or use to much to start. You'll see most creams recommend like 40mg a day but this site advises more towards 200 my a day if your fighting Endo/cysts so please do your research well. But work your way up no need to shock your system Xx



Yes i brought myself some im just waiting for it to turn up and then il start slowly using it.

I have used wellsprings in past but i dont think as just a pot of cream i got the amount right so need to get a pump dispenser one so u can keep eye on use-age more.

Im so fed up of it now, im now 44 and the only hope i have is goin through the change ha ha and hopefully not having any symptoms


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