Laparoscopy - Incisions

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question - but just wondering with regards to the plasters that they stick over the incisions....I think the nurse said to just leave them on for a week? She said they are super sticky so should last, but gave me three extra ones in case they came off.

So - I'm guessing I take them off myself a week after my op? Not looking forward to that if super sticky! But once removed, then what? Does anyone know if I should be cleaning the incisions or just leaving them?

Also, with regards to where they cut me - I was told it'd be one in the belly button and then one either side, so one on the right and one on the left of my belly button. But instead I had inside belly button, one to the left (which is where I got most of my pain and also where gynae felt something when he examined me) and the third was really low down and below my belly button (let's just say I'm gonna scream when removing that one due to hair.... o.O ) Are they normal locations to have them then?

Thanks in advance! x

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  • Hi there hope you're recovering well! Site incisions sound about right I think one the surgeon goes in with the camera he can see where exactly he needs to go! I was given a letter and told to go to the treatment room in my health centre to get dressings changed! Luckily my mother in law is a nurse and she came and cleaned and changed the dressings every other day! If there's no oozing that u can see thru the dressing it should be ok. 

  • Thanks! I can see blood that's seeped out but that's it. Nurse said to just change if they become loose with too much blood.  Does keeping them on for a whole week seem right to you? Always thought you should let things breathe and/or change dressings? :/

  • I had two small cuts - one in the belly button, second one lower, above the hairline. When I was discharged, I got plasters to last me for 5 days, I've been told to change them every day. However, I was in quite a lot of pain and I left my dressings for 3 days and then I started changing them every day and then I left them. It healed very well and I didn't have any problems.

  • Thanks. Hmm, not sure what to do really. I was pretty sure she said to leave them on for a week. But now I doubt that I didn't hear right?

    Guess I just leave them on until Friday, and hope when I take them off they all look nice and healed... :/

  • I had four incisions, one in my belly button, one on the left side across from my belly button and one on either side along my knicker line. I was told by the nurse to remove the dressings in the shower when I went home the day after my op. She advised to get the dressings really wet to make it easy to take them off. Then I was told to leave the dressings off. However I did get a very superficial wound infection but I think this may have been because I went swimming about three weeks after my op and possibly before the incision on the left side of my tummy had healed fully! 


  • Thanks everyone. Really not sure what to do now then :/ Eeeek!!!! Should I try calling the hospital tomorrow and asking them? Don't want to do the wrong thing that's all

  • I had my surgery on a Friday and had to change one of them on the sat and Sunday as it oozed a bit then changed the others on the Monday, maybe u should change them tomorrow and give them a wipe with sterile water if u can. 

  • Thanks. Mine haven't ouzed as such, but blood has seeped out of them all - but the sticky part of the plaster is still very well stuck.

    Just in two minds as pretty sure she said to leave it on for a whole week - but then I wasn't quite with it, and to me - it doesn't seem right. So now I don't know what to do in case she DID say to definitely leave on for a week.

    I can feel a really hard but small lump under my belly button incision but guessing this could be the stitches?

  • Hi Hun if you're at all concerned about anything give them a call to check. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • I had my lap two weeks ago and got mine checked with the nurse at my GP the day after op who changed my dressings then said to leave for a full week and then I saw her the following week and she said they were healing well and only covered them back so they didn't run on my clothing. Hope this helps x

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