Removing plasters - when?


I have 4 incisions which have dressing on them, all bloodied and yuck. Surgeon said to make sure I keep them on for 5 days, if they come off in bath/shower, just to put plasters over them if not been on 5 days yet.

Does that mean if they're still on by 5 days, I can/should take them off? My belly button one was REALLY hurting today, big lump underneath and sore so I took it off - I've recovered it again as 5 days tomorrow. That incision has freaked me out as he's sewn my belly button together!

So - do I take them all off tomorrow? Will that help them heal?

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I'd take it off end of tomorrow hun. But if you are getting more and more pain, any greenish discharge from your navel and begin to feel unwell, you need to see your gp. Is it red and hot around the wound ?? Xx

I think it's fine thanks, there's a tiny lump near it- feels and looks like a bite, itches like it. Just not sure how I got one under the dressing. It's all just dried blood, doesn't look infected thanks. It's just freaked me out as looks horrible as all bloody, and sewed together! :O

Bless you. What treatment did you have x

It was my second op, after have a first diagnostic one where they removed my ovaries, womb and tubes which were stuck to my walls. They told me then that I was "riddled with endo" but couldn't remove any.

So this op was to get rid of what they could. Apparently I had loads of scarring, mainly old (probably as been suffering since I was about 15!!) which was all along my bladder, bowel and left ovary (explaining why sharp pains worse on the left). Surgeon said it was a really tricky one to do as he had to be careful not to damage anything as he cut it off, was a 2.5hr op and he said he did a lot of work :O Had it done on Thursday and the pain from trapped air is only just going :( Now I'm just really sore x

Bless you hun. Big operation then. The trapped are really hurts. I hate it. Dreading my next op. Hopefully your now on the road to recovery then. Keep me posted hun. Xxx

I hope so too - but all I keep thinking is, this isn't a cure. And having gone through all this pain, I'm starting to think I'd rather live with endo issues. The pain has been too much :(

Good luck with your next op xx

Thanks hun. And I know they can never cure it. But manage it. But if left then it can worsen. I just want it to go away. Xxx

Eek - I'm so squemish!! Removed my dressings now. I thought at first glance, that I had 6 incisions rather than just 4 (as had four plasters on and the one lowest down has 3 stitches on it). BUT just noticed that the incision down there is a good 2cm long :O Didn't realise it'd be that big, thought it would always be small incisions. My hands have gone all numb and weird as I don't like thinking about it *pukes*


Keep them from getting wet however long your dr said.

Then usually it's fine to shower or bathe

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