Post hysterectomy body aches!

Goodmornning ladies I haven't posted for a while now but keep popping back in for a catchup on the 24/7 grief that endo causes:( Last May I had my hysterectomy because of Stage4 endo and so far so good but I do have a question for those of you that have had the same. Do you have aches and tender areas on your body. I guess it's muscle ache and the tenderness seems to feel like bruising under the skin. This tends to be on the bra line at side of breasts and on my upper arms. Elsewhere I just ache daily. I do take HRT In the patch form which seems to suit me . If any ladies have experienced similar it will be great to hear from you. Wish you all well J x

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  • Hi. Was wondering how you are getting on being on hrt? I'm having my ovaries removed in April but am worried about hrt causing the endo to flare up. Planning on going cold turkey but finding it all a bit depressing really. At 47 don't feel ready for the menopause. Currently on zoladex and not enjoying the hot flushes etc. Do you use a combined hrt?

  • Hi there Dillweed1. Well I take Estradot which is a small patch that I change 2/7. My gynaecologist put me on it straight away infact day2 post op. I, like you had my concerns from research that it would infact flare up any missed endo. My gynae surgeon is also a specialist and felt confident that he had taken all the endo away and I should never have problems from it again and had no concerns about HRT being started. I had my operation in May last year and so far the HRT has kept menopause symptoms at bay. I have never had a hot flush. When I had Zolodex I didn't take HRT and even then I was lucky enough not to suffer. My only side effect is weight gain especially around the waist but that could just be an excuse for Christmas indulgence lol. I have another postoperative app. in April . I have had a niggle of pain in my left groin intermittently which has been similar to a discomfort I had pre op from an endo nodule. I'm staying optimistic ! Its only happened a couple of times and certainly nothing like the endo pain we all know about. For me so far it's been positive apart from my body aching. It may not be related to the hysterectomy but seems coincidental , will chat to gynae when I see him. Good luck with your decision hope you get relief from it soon ,hugs J x ps I'm 44 so will be on HRT for a while yet x

  • Thank you for the reply. My gynae is not planning on removing any endo when he does the op, just the ovaries. I'm not convinced this is the best course of action after reading posts on here and researching endo. I am going to get a second opinion before committing to the oopherectomy. I hope you don't get any more endo pain and all continues well. X

  • Hi Dillweed1, I am nearly 9 weeks post-op from total hysterectomy. I haven't been put on HRT as of yet because they don't want any left-behind endo to flare up and so I went straight into menopause after surgery. However, I do have to say that the only slight symptom I have had of the menopause is 3 separate nights of being a little bit warmer than usual, but nothing major. I am aware though that apparently some people don't experience much symptoms when going through menopause, whilst others experience a lot. I hope all goes well for you, keep in touch xx

  • Hi seems rather pointless if he's going to feed your body with the hormone that he's taking away with the ovaries, this isn't going to help surely. The only sense is if he leaves you off HRT for a few weeks for the endo to die off naturally and then commence it. Hope you get some satisfactory answers good luck ;) J x

  • Yes ! I'm 3.1/2 weeks post op and wake up most if not every morning with full body aches. I was diagnosed with fybromaliga around eight years ago and initially thought it was that but having looked at your post and spoken to a friend that had a hysterectomy I now understand that it is part of recovery. I take 40ml of morphine morning and night and that still doesn't relieve the aches, however, a combanation of yoga and morphine defiantly does. I simply do a series of stretches in the morning which also have the benefit of energising me and another different series at night to help me sleep.

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