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First gynae assessment for endo

Hi all after what seems like ages and a complete mess up in appointments booked I have been given a cancellation appointment for my first assessment with à gynaecologist just wondered if anyone knew what to expect at this first appointment never had one before so wanted to know if they just ask questions or did some sort of an examination as well??

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When i Had my 1st appt it was just questions. Pain, births, timing etc

He didnt do an examination as he opted straight for a lap, said he will do that when im under 😣

Hope that helps abit xx


Ahh thank you that does help I am hoping they kind of come to the same decision as I seem to have a rare case of endo as to the location of it so really hoping for a quick decision to be made to help the problem xx


Hey, my gyne asked questions and did an internal examination. I'm not sure if this was due to my symptoms maybe?

They ask ALOT of questions quickly so I would prepare for the appointment by going to:


Scroll down and select the "pain and symptom diary." I completed it and took it to my first app. It really helped as they asked everything on there.



Oh amazing thank you x


Hi, you said you seem to have a rare case of endo as to the location of it. I was wondering, where is the location of your endo?

I hope your appointment goes well :)


Hi it seems that I’ve somehow managed to get it in my belly button not sure if it’s elsewhere at the moment but it’s so close to my skin they can actually see it I have to say that it’s the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced particularly as it swells up inside with my period which just makes it even worse xxxx


Oh gosh, I've never heard of that before. I thought you were going to say you've got it in your chest, because I believe that's where I have endo (not confirmed yet).

I'm sorry it causes you so much pain. I hope it gets sorted for you soon x


No it seems after my appointment today the consultant hadn’t seen this before in his 20 years of consultancy it is extremely rare apparently x


Are they doing anything to diagnose where yours is?? I cannot imagine that’s nice having it in your chest?x


It's very frustrating when you feel like even the doctors don't have a clue.

I'm currently deciding if I should have a laparoscopy. I have an appointment in a few weeks to discuss my options. But I don't think they will do anything about my chest. They just keep telling me that it's probably other stuff, so they dismiss it straight away, which is upsetting. They did scans to check that my heart is ok, which it is. So after they confirmed that my heart is fine, they keep ignoring my chest complaints.

I hope to push my chest issues in my next appointment though x


My first gyno appointment was following a scan I had had done (due to elevated CA125 levels they had to scan me to make sure it was nothing sinister). The scan showed an endo cyst on my ovary, which was also in the pouch of douglas.

Due to a mess up, I ended up seeing three gynos in as many weeks, so actually had three appointments, the last being with a endo specialist.

I wasn't given an internal in any of them, not even offered one (I never understand why they would do them anyway as they cannot diagnose this way).

But I had questions about my cycle, it would help if you maybe wrote down the pattern of your cycle, how heavy it is, when and where the pain comes, anything else unusual, maybe bowel trouble or anything else you get alongside it.

Also when you started getting pain roughly and what your average cycle is like.

All the best.


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