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First gynae apt - outcome



I had my first gynae outpatient appointment this morning, and I'm really shocked with the outcome...

We went over all of my symptoms and how they've been on going for 4-5 years etc, how bad the pains are, and the doctor straight up offers me a laparoscopy and puts me on the waiting list which is around 3 months despite I'm staff at the hospital!!

I'm feeling quite anxious, because I work within radiology so presumed I'd be referred for more scans first, like a Pelvic MRI? But nope, the DR said not needed, to go straight for diagnostics lap and if they find endo, they'll burn it there and then using the heat method etc..

But so many of you ladies say that endo isn't mean to be treated by general gynae only a bsge centre, so should I be worried that the consultant is saying they will treat me and burn away the endo if they find it?

Need some advice on this.. :(

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Specialist centre is a must general hung doing your lap is a complete waste of time I'm affraid.

Good luck

Is it possible to get a diagnostic lap with current gynae, explain you just want to get it assessed whilst also being put on bsge list by yr GP? You could then take the report and pathology results with you to see specialist which means you could go straight for surgery if its needed? I'm no expert though so hopeful2 may be right. Lindle will give you good advice too xx

NJG_98 in reply to SusiePg

I've been put on the waiting list apparently, so would I have to contact the consultant and say I only want diagnostic? I'm not sure if my GP will just refer me to a bsge centre and if the diagnostic lap doesn't show endo it would be a waste of time wouldn't it? However I've seen that the specialist centres look past the reproductive organs so could find endo that General Gynae has missed.. I'm just so stuck on what to do as the consultant said if the lap doesn't show endo I have to be sent back to my GP and look at being sent to other departments, I feel hopeless :(

Hi yeah you need excision surgery where they cut out the endo. Have a look at Lindle's posts on treatment pathways and on how to get a referral to a BSGE centre.

I've been wondering the same thing about what kind of surgeon/laparoscopy to ask for, what is the difference between burning and excising the endometriosis? Is excision a specialist thing that only certain centres do? I don't want to have another laparoscopy if they find endometriosis and don't/can't treat it properly, but then, I also would like them to be able to recognise if something else is the problem - which presumably an endometriosis specialist might miss...? Can a specialist take your appendix out?

It's a minefield.

NJG_98 in reply to crossrabbit

As far as I know specialists look past the reproductive organs, they might be able to take an appendix out but I'm not too sure on that one! I'm so clueless that I didn't even ask for the lap she just offered it to me vs getting the coil fitted so I said sure because they can fit the coil during lap (I really don't want one though)

I thinnk the difference is that when they burn it they use a heat method where as when they excise they are just cutting away the endo, but I may be wrong because I don't know much about the surgery side of it and I'm no expert.

It's a tricky situation :( x

Mine was treated by a general gynae but I had no aftercare whatsoever and was in considerable pain and complications. As the pain didn't improve I asked to be referred by my dr to the bsge centre and ever since I have had had much better treatment.

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