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First gynae appointment


Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a happy, healthy start to the new year.

I was just hoping for some advice. I have finally got my GP to refer me to a gynaecologist and, after them cancelling my initial appointment because they "thought it was more appropriate for a different consultant" to see me? I have got my appointment this coming Wednesday.

Honestly it's really sad that I'm genuinely excited about the appointment! Maybe that's because I'm currently on day 14 of cramps and day 11 of heavy bleeding that I'm just praying they have an answer for me!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I'm really hoping that they refer me for a lap. Does anyone have any advice how to make sure this happens/what sort of things I should emphasise while I'm there? I don't want to mess up what seems like a once in a lifetime appointment! Any advice is so appreciated!

S x

P.S. My symptoms for anyone that wants to know;

Heavy bleeding

Irregular cycle

Pain before, during and after period

Deep internal pain during sex and soreness after.

Constant fatigue

IBS symptoms during period

And for a couple of years now I have had hip pain on the right side, to the point that I'm limping when walking and it feels so stiff I can hardly move it. I have only just noticed in the last few months that this is a cyclic thing and only ever occurs during my period (as if I'm not in enough pain).

Last doctor told me my symptoms were all caused by the multiple cysts I had on my ovaries (seen on internal ultrasound), however she couldn't see a reason for my pain - hence taking it further.


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Hi, glad you have an appointment, make sure you tell them everything, little or big, write it all down, so as not o forget anything,

Don't accept any medication plan, just tell them you need a diagnosis,

I would try to get referred to a socialist on the BSGE list for your laperoscopy, there is a lady on here called Lindle, read all her posts, your symptom suggest endo, unfortunately, genral gyne surgeons are missing certain types of endo, all to often,

Good luck

And keep us posted


Sarita_sarita in reply to Tboag

Thank you for your kind reply!

Yes I was debating whether or not to even mention the hip pain as I have no idea if it could possibly be related but it's better to give every tiny irrelevant detail than not enough information I suppose!

My GP originally mentioned endo to me as a possibility but the hospital just did the ultrasound and fobbed me off saying I had no endometriomas so they weren't worried. I carried on fighting though and finally got this gynae appointment and I will carry on fighting until I get some real answers!

Thanks again :)


Multiple cysts sounds more like polysistic ovary syndrome. The other symptoms sound like endometriosis. Like T said you need to see a specialist. Good luck

Tboag in reply to Sarita_sarita

Hip pain is very relevant, that was 1 of my first symtoms other than the periods, it may feel like it's the hip bone but probable isn't, make sure you write it all down, and keep adding to it until your appointment,


Thank you both for your help.

JeanOsborne - the doctor who did my ultrasound did confirm multiple cysts but did not diagnose polycystic ovaries, plus I have no other symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome - no weight issues, acne etc. Although I'm not ruling it out as possible.

The problem mostly comes from having all these other symptoms that so far have no explanation! The doctor even wrote in the letter to my GP "No reason for pain identified" which is why my GP has referred me for further tests.

Tboag, I have a thorough list of symptoms plus a diary of pain, bleeding etc to give to the gyno!

Thanks so much for your advice :) x

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