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First gynae appointment


Hi, I'm 18 years old had problems with my period since 13 years old. I have my first gynae appointment on Wednesday but have no clue what to expect. What do I need to take or remember.. Any advice?

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Don't be scared, its good you've got your first appointment. I took a diary in of what symptoms I've been having and when they occurred as i know i would forget. He will ask ask you quite personal questions such as pain when you have sex, pain with bowel movements etc - its really important that your really honest about this as this will help him get a better feel of what could be wrong.

I then had an examination where he felt my belly on the outside and put pressure in different places. Unfortunately i also had an internal examination where he will apply pressure on different parts inside - it can be a little uncomfortable but i wouldn't say it was painful. this will allow him to feel if every things ok in the inside so he knows what step to take after that.

After my appointment i was sent to have an Internal and External Ultrasound, but your consultant may do something completely different.

Just remember to be as honest as you can, especially when he's examining you.

Good luck!

Emma Xx

Thanks, I got symptoms written down but I have all of them most of the time. I had an internal ultrasound scan in December separate from the referral but to delay referral. It didn't show anything. Thankyou.

Same as me then, my symptoms are common everyday too but wanted to make sure i had them all down just incase. Thats good that you've already had an internal scan then as thats one less thing for you to have to get to be diagnosed.

Bear in mind the ultrasound isn't the right way to be looking for endo anyway though. I know some sonographers can sometimes see small amounts and this is whats happened to me, but just because it isn't on there doesn't mean you don't have it, so make sure they don't fob you off like this! You just need to be stubborn and ensure you get the most out of the appointment!

Good luck x

Thanks. Can they ask to do the scan again as my mum said they might want to see if anything has changed. I hated the scan it was painful for me and caused bleeding for a few days.

TianRunty in reply to moosic007

They can ask, although in my experience they use the previous one if they can get away with it.

moosic007 in reply to TianRunty


Yep they can ask to do another one if they think it justifies in, depends how long ago your other scan was though i wouldve thought. It was painful for me too, and like you i really didn't like it, but if you think about what it can do to improve your life at the moment you've got to think it could be worth the pain for a few minutes. Also try taking some painkillers an hour before you go in, this may help? Xx

Thanks, my last one was 5 and half months ago. x

Hmm i cant imagine they'd want to do another one then... if it was years then i would say they would but i can't see it would change in a few months if all your symptoms are exactly the same! x

I gained more symptoms since then as I am progressively getting worse. Will just have to see what happens tomorrow. But Thankyou for everything x

Thats not good :( I hope you feel better soon! No worries, and good luck tomorrow!! Feel free to message me if you just need someone to chat/rant to! Xx

Thanks x

Hello, I'm 17 and have my first appointment in Jan. When I first went they did an ultrasound to check for cysts and they found 3 cysts (1 large on my right ovary & 2 smaller ones on ny left). They asked if they could do an internal examination after asking me if I was sexually active and I refused. They also felt my stomach. I've had a lap at the end of march & being booked in for another in august.

My advice would be just be honest with the questions and dont do anything you dont want to. I was told I wouldn't have treatment without an internal scan and I've started treatment. Lots of luck! Try not to worry about it, i was so nervous & scared! Always here if you need somebody to talk to x

moosic007 in reply to Timothy31

Thank you its helpful reading people's stories of what they went through especially if it's recent. I written everything out including my name and age just in case.

Timothy31 in reply to moosic007

Reading other peoples stories confuses me. Like I dunno what to do with my life anymore! Ive heard all kind of stories, especially the depressing ones. Think it varies from people to people. Ive found it easier speaking to someone my own age (LeyaC, she's 18 & has been a massive help!) sometimes its nice to know there are people our age cause usually it affects people over 25! Hope it went well if youve already had your appointment

moosic007 in reply to Timothy31

Thank you, Yeh leya posted on some of my other posts. I been asked for another internal ultrasound and to have keyhole surgery.

Hey there, like the others have said try to be truthful when they ask you difficult questions. The bigger the picture they have the better.

As well as the list of symptoms also write a list of questions you have, even if they seem small and dumb write them down. On the day you can choose if you want to ask them or not, or just hand them the paper if you have some you don't want to ask out loud.

I know it's a scary thing but it's good your getting help

moosic007 in reply to TianRunty

Thank you, seems like forever I been ill. NHS is so slow these days. I even included a bit about myself on paper and am still thinking of questions to ask. My main one is if I can have children but I know situations can change so staying positive. I work with children so it would be hard if I can't have my own just like anyone else who struggles.

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