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Lap 3 months ago and no better

Hi, I had a lap 3 months ago, there was quite a lot of endo removed. 2 cyst removed and adhesions all in all there were 3 parts to the surgery. My problem is I don't feel as if it made much difference. I am bleeding most of the time with period like cramps and if Im not bleeding there's a brown black discharge. I'm losing hope any advice would be great

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Internally you may still be healing, but we know our bodies. Do you have post op anytime soon? if not, you could request your GP to get one for you.


Hi Lovisa,

Thanks for the reply, when are you supposed to have a post op. I spoke to the consultant after my lap and heard nothing since. I originally went to have a cyst removed and that was when he saw the endo and adhesions. I had a lot of pain and pressure in my pelvic area for a few years prior to that. At the moment I just feel miserable and like the surgery was pointless.


Hi Clareen. I had excision surgery 3 mths ago too. It's sounds like you were seen by general gynae as should have a post op appt 3 mths after. But general gynae should still have seen you say 8 wks after to check on progress. Don't despair but surgery isn't a cure, your body's carrying on producing endo unless you suppress the ovaries with gnrh injections or have progesterone coil and or mini pill. My period pain and nausea came back daily by end Dec op.was beginning Nov and I realised i needed to stop my periods again or at least reduce the oestrogen,so desperately tried to arrange a coil fitting. Every time you have a period it just does more damage and it's like all that work they did was for nothing!


Hi Cornish40, I'm in Ireland and I saw a private consultant. I would have thought I would have been given an appointment for follow up. I'll ring this morning to arrange one. I will also look into getting the mirena. Thanks for your advice.


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